Advent Comics Signs Distribution Deal with Diamond

(Laurel, MD) – May 20, 2021 – Advent Comics announces a distribution partnership with Diamond Distributors to sell their comic books direct to stores globally.

We are excited to have Diamond, the recognized leader of comic book distribution, work with us to place Advent Comics into stores and open up new avenues which allow the best chance of our books being seen by new readers.  Advent Comics titles are known for their grand storytelling, visually striking art, and proven fan appeal.

Diamond will distribute and connect retailers with an expansive collection of Advent Comics original comic books such as COSMOS, Titan the Ultra Man, Savior, The War Guard, Darklight & Crew, Blackfire, The Regulators, Black Star Line, The Hit Squad, and much more.  Also, Diamond will distribute the Creator-Owned UNBOUND REALMS Imprint as well which will include several, fun and unique titles (the upcoming series releasing will be named next month).

“Comic book stores are the backbone of the comic book industry and Diamond is the connective tissue that binds them around the world. Advent Comics is now a part of that DNA” says Advent Comics Publisher Tony Kittrell.  “With the current state of the industry, it made perfect sense for Advent Comics to join with Diamond to ensure that we reach an even greater share of stores around the globe”.

Diamond will immediately distribute Advent Comics’ new comic books as well as titles from our 13-year library.  Check the July 2021 PREVIEWS #394 for the first listings from Advent Comics.

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