Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt #3 Under Review!


Jump back for a quick recap:

In the first issue, our heroes seem to win the day only for Peter Cannon to point out there is a hidden enemy behind the battle. Mysteriously, an enemy they all know but don’t know at all.

Things start to come together more in the second issue. The hidden enemy that everyone knows but does now know is Thunderbolt. Thunderbolt is a Peter Cannon from another Earth. The hero, Peter Cannon takes a team of heroes on a trippy ride through alternative Earths to arrive at Thunderbolts Earth. Thunderbolt is surprised, but not for long. Thunderbolt composes himself and goes on the attack.

For actual more in-depth reviews, please read my reviews of issue 1 and issue 2,

This brings us to the third issue.

The whole of the third issue is a big fight scene.

In my prior reviews, I mention how this series has a pulp vibe. I still feel that. It is a comic where fights are violent and have dramatic cause and effect. Death is always a step away. Much like a pulp and this issue holds to that in dramatic fashion.

One interesting note in this comics characterizations: Comic readers are used to different levels of intellect and behavior. Batman is always one step ahead. Wolverine could go blood lust. Hulk could get angry. Some characters are always telling jokes (Spider-Man, Plastic Man and so on). Others have a different perspective on things (Question). In other words, details can be picked out from the vast amount of characters in comics to make them unique in comparison to each other. Each of Peter Cannon’s group is an individual.

Here, in the midst of battle, we see the gaps in intelligence and cope with what’s at hand with our group of heroes. It’s an interesting mix of actions taken by the gathered heroes. The tables have turned on our group. In the first issues feature battle, Cannon led the group well. Here, the group doesn’t function as a group and Cannon seems lost.

Given that, I believe there is a lot more in the subtext of the context of this issue. The forthcoming issues will reveal much more I am sure.

Peter Cannon and his group won the battle on Cannon’s Earth. They lose this one. But, the war is not over.

The third issue ends with a new mystery. The mystery as shown also illuminates the upcoming war. We discover this mystery in the art and the words of the last page. That might be obvious in a comic. The trick is in how the art and words show it (and have shown things since the start of the series) continues to stun.

Each issue there is something happening underneath the plot and words read. Something new rises from the work. Experiments take place in the creative act. Little doses of experimentation every issue. Taken as a whole, the story is going to have an impact as a creative act. Individually, you will have fun guessing, looking forward to what’s to come, just like comics used to do for the Wednesday warriors!

Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt is published by Dynamite
Writer: Kieron Gillen : : Art: Caspar Wijingaard

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