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80s Baby (eightiesbaby.net) is an effort by one child of the 1980s to recognize and celebrate the popular culture he loved growing up, and to share that celebration with others of the same age, as well as with younger generations discovering the culture for the first time through the Internet. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, NYC comedian John Bilancini and other luminaries post hilarious, ironic, and nostalgic coverage of 1980s and 1990s music, television, movies, food, toys, and more.

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Several themes will be recurring: VHS tapes owned by the Bilancini family, examinations of 1980s and 1990s television pilots to determine whether they hold up today, the 25th anniversary of cultural events, and others TBD. 80s Baby is an attempt to keep cultural artifacts alive, as well as to provide an escape from the mundane and not-so-mundane stresses of adult life.

John Bilancini is a stand up comedian, humor writer, lawyer, child of the 1980s, and firm believer in the Oxford comma. He has appeared at the Baltimore, Charm City, and Finger Lakes Comedy Festivals. John released a comedy album in 2016 entitled You Look Like Mad Men, and has self-published a Lower Manhattan murder and disaster walking tour called Bloody Angles and Groovy Murders. His writing has been featured on The Spark, The Higgs Weldon, Points In Case, and Nerdbot, and he has received many very nice rejection emails from McSweeney’s. John’s former podcast, Small Screen Casualties, was featured in the AV Club’s Podmass, and in 2018 he co-hosted a yearlong podcast look back at the year 1994 cleverly entitled 1994 the Podcast. He is currently releasing a short-run podcast about introducing people to Arby’s called Arby’s Isn’t That Bad. John lives in Brooklyn with his talented and supportive wife Amy and two mostly worthless cats, who combined possess 7 legs and approximately 33 teeth.

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