First Comics News’ Phil Latter joins ZORRO: THE DARING ESCAPADES

An additional artist has been added to the ZORRO anthology ZORRO: THE DARING ESCAPADES, due out May 1, 2020, from Bold Venture Press. Phil Latter is recognized as being one of the foremost world authorities on Johnston McCulley’s Zorro. He is an artist & published writer, and he collects anything and everything to do with the Zorro character. He will join 15 authors and five other artists in the production.

Zorro: The Daring Escapades… The all-new Zorro anthology from Bold Venture Press featuring stories from contemporary authors: Diana Barkley; Linda Bindner; Bret Bouriseau; Eugene Craig; Robert Scott Cranford; John L. French; Susan Kite; Joseph A. Lovece; Richard A. Lupoff; William Patrick Maynard; Daryl McCullough; William Patrick Murray; Pamela Elbert Poland; Mari Kay Ross; and Francisco Silva. The book will be Illustrated by artists: Francisco Silva; Perego; Aleena Valentine; Daniel Horne; Bret Bouriseau and Phil Latter.

On sale May 1, 2020.


BOLD VENTURE PRESS Zorro catalog currently features a six-volume reprint of McCulley’s original Zorro stories, an original novel by Peter David and Tales of Zorro’s Old California.

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