Zoop’s Early Success Proves the Need for a New Crowdfunding Platform and Approach

Los Angeles — June 21, 2021 — Today Zoop, the first end-to-end full service crowdfunding platform created exclusively for the fandom community, is proud to announce the flagship titles launched on the new platform have both reached their funding goals in rapid times, sooner than predicted!


After launching on June 7, 2021, Zoop’s first project, Slow City Blues, reached its funding goal within seven days, with their second project, Scarlett Couture: The Munich File, reaching its funding goal within 24  hours – a major feat for a brand new platform, proving both the need and want for a new crowdfunding and publishing alternative for the comics industry.


“We created Zoop as an alternative for creators to pursue their projects and allow them to focus more on creating, and less on the business side of things,” said Jordan Plosky, Co-founder and CEO of Zoop. “With Slow City Blues and Scarlett Couture achieving their funding goals much sooner than predicted, we’re happy to say that our platform works, its supporters are reacting very positively to all of its features, and our creators are able to do what they do best: create!”


Zoop is a concierge service for creators, handling everything campaign-related from start to finish, including setup and general management, pledge management, production, fulfillment, marketing and more — No other crowdfunding platform offers these services. In addition, Zoop redefines crowdfunding for the fandom community by introducing a streamlined and intuitive interface with features like à la carte rewards (which, based on the first two campaigns, has resulted in way higher average spend per supporter than even they had imagined) and comics-friendly formatting.


Zoop’s next projects include Resolution (Ron Marz , Andy Lanning and Rick Leonardi), and Heads Will Roll (Bart Sears) (more information on each can be found below), with a long list of other projects set to roll out soon after with top talent and publishers like Chris Ryall (partner, Syzygy Publishing and former CCO of IDW Publishing), who is using the platform as a component of his new publishing venture, award-winning writer and author Paul Cornell (I Walk With Monsters, The Modern Frankenstein, Doctor Who) and popular Chicano comic book artist and writer J. Gonzo (Image Comics’ LA MANO del DESTINO).



Resolution – Launching Soon

Comic legends Ron Marz , Andy Lanning and Rick Leonardi join forces to create a new cosmic saga with Resolution.

  • Writer – Ron Marz (writer of over 1,000 issues of comics, best known for Green Lanter, Silver Surfer, Superman, Witchblade, Skylanders, Marvel/ DC crossover books, and is part of Ominous Press publishing, which ran several successful Kickstarter campaigns)

  • Co-Writer/Inker – Andy Lanning (worked on over 1,200 comics, best known as co-creator of the current Guardians of The Galaxy team lineup, and for his work on New Mutants, Fantastic Four, Punisher, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, Nova, The Annihilation Crossover Event)

  • Penciller – Rick Leonardi (Co-Creator of Spider-Man 2099 (voiced by Oscar Isaac in Into The Spider-Verse), also known for his work on Daredevil, Uncanny X-Men, Nightwing, Astonishing Spider-Man)


Resolution tells the tale of Xaan Maddox, a legendary member of the outer-space corps of heroes known as The Resolute. Now retired, Xaan Maddox has withdrawn to a remote world in solitude. But former comrades arrive and attempt to recruit her to again don the exo-suit of a Resolute Blade, so they can bring to justice an alien warlord who was Xaan’s arch-nemesis. What follows forces Xaan to confront her own past, and places the entire universe in deadly peril. Resolution is an epic new tale by masters of cosmic storytelling, presented as a large-format hardcover.


Heads Will Roll – Coming in July

Heads Will Roll Logo.JPG

Bart Sears (Justice League, Captain America, Turok, Conan, Blade) likes to draw heads – usually severed heads lying at the feet of some monstrous barbarian warrior or god-like anti-hero – but he’s also drawn countless headshots of heroes, villains, damsels and creatures pulled from all forms of literature, including pulp fiction, cult classics and the darkest folklore. Heads Will Roll is a comic art book that will have a head for everyone and contains over 140 beautifully rendered character headshots drawn by this master illustrator.

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