Zoop Launches Their Own Crowdfunding Campaign

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The comics crowdfunding platform launches an EQUITY crowdfunding campaign, raising capital on Republic.com.

MARCH 14, 2024, (LOS ANGELES, CA) — Crowdfunding is an ever growing market that has seen consistent year over year growth. For creators of all kinds, crowdfunding has become their primary channel for bringing their work to the world. On the front lines of this growth industry is the crowdfunding platform Zoop, who are launching a different type of crowdfunding campaign today.

As a way to raise capital for the growth and expansion of their company, Zoop is offering comic fans, crowdfunding fans, collectors, investors and all those interested the opportunity to own a piece of the company through their equity crowdfunding campaign at republic.com/zoop.

As opposed to rewards-based crowdfunding, where a backer is supporting the creation of a single project, equity crowdfunding provides working capital to a company, in exchange for a piece of ownership. Backers become investors. And not only do they get to own a piece of Zoop, but there are other perks as well, such as exclusive limited edition comic books with multiple variant covers, and graded copies. The more a backer invests, the more copies they receive and the more rare the books become.

Launched in the summer of 2021, Zoop instantly set themselves apart by offering a full service solution for creators. This model lowers the barrier to entry, and makes it possible for more creators to utilize crowdfunding as an avenue for their creative projects. Since their launch, Zoop has become a main player in the categories of comics, graphic novels, art books and special edition publishing.

Zoop has run multiple six-figure campaigns, and worked with many high profile clients and IPs, such as Conan The Barbarian, The Rocketeer, Vault Comics, Ablaze Publishing, Howard Chaykin, Dan Panosian, Nick Pitarra and The Jack Kirby Museum, just to name a few. Zoop also has campaigns coming soon from Christian Ward, Sanford Greene, and others waiting to be announced.

Zoop Co-Founder & CEO, Jordan Plosky states “We are so excited to be running this campaign. This type of fundraising helps us take Zoop to the next level, but also keep it within the community. We get to take our destiny into our own hands, and show the power of comic fans to the world. It’s incredible what we can accomplish together, and we’re looking forward to executing our plans thanks to this amazing way to raise capital!”

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