Zombies We’re Human Too reaching the end of days

Austin Janowsky – Creator/Writer of the series “Zombies We’re Human Too” Telling Zombie Stories Before and How they become Zombies. With the successful Kickstarter for Volume 1, it was decided to make a second volume and continue the story of the three kids. Christoper, Stacey, and Juan.

Volume 1 had them spooked and chased into a warehouse by zombies as they were foraging first supplies. Chris and Stacey picked out zombies they saw and made up stories about them to Juan. Who they were, how long they lasted and how they died. Volume 2, They decided to try and leave the building by crossing from roof to roof. From there, they attempt to make their way down and out to safety but are swarmed again and forced into the storage cellar that has been made into a safe room. With bars on the cellar windows and zombies trapping them in the room, they try and make up more stories to calm themselves down. Question is… who’s safe room is this and what if they come back?

We are trying to get volume 2 out to those that backed volume 1 and to new fans of the series.


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