Zombies We’re Human Too Graphic Novel

Are you a huge fan of ZOMBIES?!

“Zombieland”, “ZNation” and Comics like “DeadWorld”, “The Walking Dead”? Then this is for you! “Zombies We’re Human Too”

This is a 100pg Graphic Novel that will be made into a Feature Film! Originally to showcase Charles Casey, Sonya Thompson, and Larry Mainland of The Walking Dead TV Show, the story has morphed and is now about

Three kids foraging for food who get spooked by zombies and chased into an abandoned warehouse. The youngest of the three is terrified, so to calm him down, the older two kids start picking out zombies they see and make up funny stories about them: Who they were, how long they lasted and how they died in a funny way. This is a completely new spin on the zombie genera.

Zombies We’re Human Too is a 100 page graphic novel (the core story is 20 pages).
Black and white interiors with a color soft cover unless stretch goals are made. Then Full Color interior pages with each story a different color hue.

A unique take on the Zombie Genre that tell stories about zombies BEFORE they become zombies! Also this is a continuous story however there are (10) short stories from different writer/artist teams that seamlessly continue the intro story!

Zombie Story 1: (w) Austin Janowsky and (a) Mauricio Campetella
Zombie Story 2: (w) Russell Nohelty and (a) Matthew Childer
Zombie Story 3: (w) Matthew Kaiser and (a) Joseph Arnold
Zombie Story 4: (w) Shawn Gabborin and (a) Drew Zucker
Zombie Story 5: (w) Gabe Cunha and (a)Justin Mason
Zombie Story 6: (w) Cedric Hood, (a) Salvadore Raga, and (L) James Reed
Zombie Story 7: (w) Austin Janowsky and (a) David Jaxon
Zombie Story 8: (w) Rick Danford and (a) Javier Lugo
Zombie Story 9: (w) Anthony Zicari and (a )Claudio Sepulveda
Zombie Story 10: (w) Garrett Gunn and (a) Stan Yak


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