ZOMBIE TRAMP VOLUME 17 The new Zombie Tramp’s first collected adventure!

Writer(s): Dan Mendoza, Vince Hernandez
Artist Name(s): Winston Young, Marco Maccagni
Cover Artist(s): Dan Mendoza
104 pgs./ M / FC

After 16 volumes, Janey Belle no longer holds the Zombie Tramp mantle. The upcoming volume 17 collection features the origin of the brand new Zombie Tramp, Angel Lynch, and begins a new era for the long running cult series. After being sold by human traffickers, Angel’s life takes a demonic turn and she must fight off not only her captors, but also mutated goons… with the help of some familiar dark magic powers! Plus readers will get a glimpse into this new character’s complicated and twisted past.

The series is written by ZOMBIE TRAMP and DOLLFACE creator Dan Mendoza, along with new co-writer Vince Hernandez (writer of Aspen’s Fathom and Artifact One). This is the perfect jumping on point for fans interested in the fun gore fest that is ZOMBIE TRAMP and longtime fans will be excited to see the series’ new direction.

Danger Zone publisher Jason Martin offers, “Janey Belle has long been THE Zombie Tramp. There’s not one without the other. So to me this change in the series’ status quo begged the question, how do we continue the story of Zombie Tramp without Janey? And the answer is that Dan brought in Vince Hernandez and they worked up a whole new mythology that builds on what’s come before while also taking it in a bold new global direction!”

Vince Hernandez adds, “Dan Mendoza and I are thrilled that fans are responding well to our new Zombie Tramp, Angel Lynch, and this first origin story arc is our way of allowing new readers into the fold as well! This first tale features action, humor and tragedy and also continues the exploration of the Zombie Tramp universe from the previous volumes. We feel it’s a win-win for longtime and new readers alike!”

ZOMBIE TRAMP VOLUME 17 collects Angel Lynch’s origin story from issues 57-60 of the ongoing series. Pre-order the book with the Diamond item code APR191291. Expect to see it in stores this June.

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