Zenescope Entertainment Unveils Zenescope Black

January 18, 2022. Popular comic book publishing house, Zenescope Entertainment, has unveiled Zenescope Black, a brand new unlimited shipping program which is being offered to the company’s VIP members. The program will allow loyal customers to receive free shipping for a flat rate of $199 per year for domestic customers.

“With the high cost of shipping right now, this program can be a game changer for our fans who order often with us,” says Zenescope CEO Joe Brusha. “There’s a high demand for our collectibles and comics and this is a fantastic way for our hardcore fans to order whenever and whatever they want without having to worry about incurring tons of additional shipping charges.”

Zenescope Black is now available to the company’s domestic and international VIP members at separate price points. Customers who are not yet VIP members can join VIP for a one-time flat fee of $99. This rate covers a lifetime membership with no renewal fees and include many perks for frequent Zenescope buyers.

To find out more about Zenescope’s VIP membership or Zenescope Black head to zenescope.com.

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