Robyn Hood: Cult of the Spider
Joe Brusha (W)
ONE-SHOT • 40 PAGES • FC • $5.99 • TEEN
People are going missing in Manhattan. As Robyn investigates these strange disappearances, she discovers that they are rumored to be tied to the mysterious Spider Cult. The deeper Robyn digs into the cult’s activities, the more dangerous she realizes they are. And at the center of their web may well be the most terrifying threat she has ever faced… the deadly and evil Spider Queen.


Van Helsing: Black Annis
Story by: Joe Brusha & Dave Franchini
ONE-SHOT • 40 PAGES • FC • $5.99 • TEEN
Run-ins with vampires, monsters, and all types of nightly creatures are almost as natural as breathing to the famed vampire hunter, Liesel Van Helsing. But something wicked is going after children in the five boroughs, and as Liesel’s personal life and nightly adventures are about converge, she is soon to find out why centuries of children have feared the snatcher of souls, Black Annis!


Grimm Tales of Terror Quarterly: H.H. Holmes
Jay Sandlin (W)
ONE-SHOT • 72 PAGES • FC • $8.99 • TEEN
With the blood of nine confirmed and 200 suspected victims on his hands, HH Holmes is not only America’s first serial killer but perhaps the most notorious murderer of all time. One hundred years after his final kill, his name remains synonymous with torture and death. But bodies are now being discovered in Chicago in circumstances chillingly familiar to those who know Holmes’ story. Could a copycat killer be on the loose in the city? Or is something even more sinister about to come to light?


Belle: King of Serpents
Dave Franchini (W)
ONE-SHOT • 40 PAGES • FC • $5.99 • TEEN
A greater evil has been slipping into the Grimm Universe lately, and not one corner of it will be left safe. Belle is going to find out firsthand as she comes face-to-face with one of the most vicious and deadly creatures in all of existence, the King of Serpents!


Grimm Fairy Tales 47
Dave Franchini (W)
The Dark Book has caused nothing but problems for the Guardian of the Nexus, Skye Mathers since it has entered her life. As the mysteries continue to unravel and more answers are given, each task ahead of her becomes deadlier. Don’t miss this next thrilling chapter in Skye’s journey!


The Courier: Liberty and Death
Issue 3 of 3
Ralph Tedesco (W) Oliver Borges (A) Fran Gamboa (C)
MINI-SERIES • 40 PAGES • FC • $5.99 • TEEN
Eve arrives in time to help Morgan stave off a primal attack at the Penn compound, but are they outnumbered and undermanned? Meanwhile, in direct defiance of Liberty’s Chancellor — his own sister — Gillings takes matters into his own hands and rides out to find his missing drugs. He has a feeling where they are, and things at the Penn compound are about to get even more explosive!


TAROT: a Game of Souls
Created by: Joe Brusha
Artwork by: Alan Quah, Marcio Abreu, & Comikaki Studio
Designed by: Ashley Vanacore
CARD GAME • 3-4 PLAYERS • 50 MINS • $24.99 • TEEN
TAROT: a Game of Souls is a Trick Taking card game. Battle your opponents in a game of skill and luck to see who can claim the most souls for Keres, the goddess of Death. This card game is based on Coup d’Etat, first played in the dungeons of France over two centuries ago!
Game Includes: 36 Playing Cards, 60 Tokens, Soul Hunter & Thief of Souls Board, Rule Book

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