Zales is excited to announce the launch of their Wonder Woman 1984 exclusive fine jewelry collection

Inspired by the most famous female superhero of all time – just in time for Comic-Con on July 22! Available now, the 28-piece collection is designed to resonate with women who want to celebrate their strength, confidence, and power – and anyone eager to recognize the modern-day female warrior in their life.

Long-standing admirers will greatly appreciate the collection as it incorporates some of Wonder Woman’s most well-known features, including her iconic WW emblem, her lasso, and even her enemy, Minerva the villain. Wonder Woman’s uniform plays a key role in the designs – qualities from her tiara are integrated into rings and pendants, her “Lasso of Truth” can be seen in hoop earrings and charms, and the WW logo is used in a gold and diamond necklace with matching earrings. Comic-Con goers can dress the Wonder Woman part even more so now with these beautiful emblematic jewels!

Zales always empowers women to express their personal style through everyday fine jewelry, so each piece in this collection is a testament to the Wonder Woman character and to the stories of modern women today – it’s designed to inspire you to wear your strength, confidence, and power.

Zales’ Wonder Woman 1984 fine jewelry collection is available online + in-stores now exclusively at Zales + Pricing ranges from $229-$839.

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