ZAG and Epopia’s Interactive Storytelling Game Miraculous Penpals Now Available in the United States

Award-winning independent animation studio ZAG and french epistolary storytelling company Epopia announced today the release of Miraculous Penpals in the United States. Already popular in Europe with 70,000 players, Miraculous Penpals is an interactive game by postal service that encourages children to read and write by exchanging actual paper letters with their favorite Miraculous heroes.


The Miraculous Penpals game is a whole new interactive concept that is neither an app or a digital experience. After subscribing, the child, now a Miraculous Penpal, receives real letters in the mailbox from the characters of the Miraculous series. In the letters, the imaginary characters of the Miraculous universe like Ladybug or Cat Noir ask for the penpal’s help in making decisions, carrying out activities, or solving puzzles to save Paris from super villains! Penpals respond by mail, using pen and paper, and make their own choices for what comes next in the adventure.

All the letters are read by an Epopia author who writes the story’s progress according to the penpal’s wishes. In return, penpals will receive personalized letters, with new surprises including 3D puzzles, paper toys, stickers, and cards, etc. With each subsequent mail exchange, they quickly discover that their choices guide the rest of the adventure. Finally, Epopia tailors the complexity of the stories to every individual penpal’s reading and writing level. At the end of their story, penpals can order a personalized book that includes all the letters, pictures, and drawings they’ve exchanged over the course of the game.

“Miraculous Penpals is a great vehicle to extend audience interactions from the TV to new storytelling formats and adventures! It’s also a great way to inspire children to read and write through game play,” stated Julian Zag, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Operations, of Zag. “Epopia will extend the penpal experience to all of ZAG’s properties including Miraculous Ladybug, our upcoming series Ghostforce, and many more.”

“What child hasn’t dreamed of being the hero of their favorite story?” commented Remy Perla, CEO and Founder of Epopia. “Our goal is to make children dream, help them develop their imagination, and turn reading and writing into a game. Valued by the role assigned to them, children begin to write enthusiastically, knowing that they have a decisive impact on the rest of their adventures. Without any formal, substantive, or corrective writing requirements, they gain confidence all the while having fun.”

Launched last Wednesday on social media, the video presenting Miraculous Penpals has been watched more than 1.5 million times on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. Ladybug and Cat Noir will be able to send thousands of letters throughout the USA.

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