Your Complete Guide to DC’s 2021 Round Robin Brackets


Hear ye, hear ye! Welcome, citizens of the DC Universe, to ROUND ROBIN!

ROUND ROBIN is where DC Publishing asks you, the fans, to vote on 16 different stories to determine which one will be made into a complete series. Each block of voting will be rewarded with new sneak peeks and goodies to delight your senses and spur one of these stories on to VICTORY!

Once one of these storylines emerges the victor, our editorial team will start their engines to have the full series roll out in late 2021.

Read on to uncover:

  • Expanded Story Details
  • Full Schedule + Where To Vote
  • Sneak Peeks (Coming soon)
  • Results (Posted after each announcement)

And for those who join us in the DC Community to philosophize and ruminate on all the promise each story holds, you will be rewarded with the rare DC Community Round Robin badge: 76

All you need to do is comment below and let us know which tale you’re rooting for, and why, or vote on the final poll when it is posted here in the DC Community. You will be rewarded with this brag-worthy badge when the final votes are tallied.



:00_lc_green_lantern:Green Lanterns: Underworld On Fire A deadly outfit of space outlaws are razing the intergalactic underworld sector by sector under the command of a disruptive new kingpin, in search of an ancient payday worth becoming the target of every power player in the galaxy—including Sinestro! Green Lanterns Kyle Rayner and Kilowog are put on the case, but will Kyle be able to do this one by the book when he finds out who’s behind it all?
:candy:Etta Candy: Holliday Hero, Inc. On summer break from Holliday College, an accident grants Etta Candy her very own superpowers! Taking on the new superhero mantle of Candy Stripe, Etta joins forces with Wonder Woman, Amanda Waller, and her Beeta Lambda sorority sisters to create Holliday Hero Inc.—an all-girls agency sworn to protect and assist anyone in need. WOO WOO!
:bug:The Brave and the Bug: Crisis on Infinite Ambush Ambush Bug must team up with some of DC’s greatest heroes to survive an attack by revenge-seeking Ambush Bugs from across the MULTIVERSE who never got to exist thanks to AB’s refusal to be rebooted.
:tophat:Zatanna and the King of Nightmares Something is terribly wrong with Zatanna’s powers, but before she can heal herself, she is forced to confront her worst fears in a strange new spiritual realm ruled by the terrifying otherworldly foe known as the King of Nightmares.
:motorcycle:Lobo / Animal Man: Scorched Earth Lobo. The name makes entire alien races collectively wet themselves with fear. The Main Man is proudly hyper-violent, arrogant, loud, stubborn, impatient, and ill-tempered. The best thing about him is that after he completes his contract, he leaves. Until now…
:japanese_ogre:Son of the Creeper An awkward teenager’s life is turned upside down when he inherits his dad’s chaotic powers. With his family in danger, Kieran Millar must save a father he doesn’t know from the monster he’s become.
:00_dc_pride:Justice League Queer Eight young queer heroes investigate a series of monstrous manifestations around the world and discover that something much more terrifying is coming.
:00_robin:Robins In the Blüdhaven apartment of Dick Grayson, a group of young people meets for coffee, doughnuts, and kvetching (between long, awkward silences.) The only thing they have in common? All were once Kid Wonders. Sidekicks to Batman. Robins.
:paw_prints: Paws Off the Justice League When the Justice League disappears, Jimmy Olsen and the Super Pets must save the world from certain doom by posing as the missing League.
:00_flash:Jesse Quick: Control When Jesse Quick uses her speed to access an alien artifact from a long-dead civilization, she finds herself imbued with the ability to harness and control the elements around her as her former super-speed is drained. But, when the power begins to corrupt Jesse, she must decide to give up these gifts or risk becoming, quite literally, her own worst enemy.
:mortar_board: Blue Beetle: Graduation Day Trapped between heroics and his future, Jaime Reyes is directionless. When the Reach interrupt Jaime’s high school graduation, things only get worse. Starfire becomes a new mentor to Blue Beetle, but is it Jaime or the Scarab that’s really in the driver’s seat? And why hasn’t Jaime applied to any colleges?
:fr:Nightrunner: Love in Paris All of Paris is obsessed with an intoxicating virtual songstress, whose holographic stage shows are lighting up the City of Love. But when the “vocaloid” ingenue’s fans start to disappear, Nightrunner must track down the infamous developer behind the eerily realistic celebrity AI.
:st_swamp_thing:Swamp Thing: A House of Secrets When love will not die, the dead must rise from the grave to kill it.
Louisiana, 1905: Caught in an eternal triangle of love and living death, the monstrous Alex Olsen; his widow, Linda; and his undead rival, Damian, vie for control of the cursed swamp where life, death, the past, and the future spiral into one never-ending nightmare.
:00_suicide_squad:Suicide Squad Seven Harley Quinn leads a team of criminals—a millionaire adventurer, a stage magician, a sugar-obsessed serial killer, a delusional former superhero, a drunk assassin, a mute metahuman, and a child who becomes a monster—to stop the centuries-old Church of Blood from trying to destroy all of humankind.
:00_wonder_woman_1982: Asteria: The Last Amazon An immortal Amazonian champion returns to Man’s World to discover her and the Amazons’ sacrifice now forgotten; a new breed of hero seeking power, glory, and dominance; and the secret family she left behind offering one last chance at redemption.
:superman:Superman & Lois: Ignition Our solar system is a machine—and its purpose is to trap and kill Superman! The sun is darkening, Mars’s orbit is changing, and a mysterious citadel in Jupiter’s Great Red Eye has awoken; it is time for Kal-El to stand against the very end of his world. But he won’t be doing it alone: Lois Lane is suited up and blasting off to get the biggest story in human history…and to watch Clark’s back as he faces his greatest challenge yet. Facing ancient aliens and planet-sized machines, trickster asteroids and the gigakrakens of Neptune, Superman and Lois will fight across all nine planets to prevent Earth’s dark destiny and save our future!


Every day during the voting periods, DC’s Instagram Stories 179 will run only 3 match-ups to vote on. Feel free to vote on 3 different match-ups no DC’s Instagram Stories 179every day! Below, we are providing are the individual links to the DC Twitter, where you can vote on all the match-ups at once.

Round I Wednesday April 7, 2021 : Vote on DC’s Twitter 409

LIVE Community Q&A With the DC Staff Who Put These Pitches Together! (Link TBD) April 6, 2021 12:00 PM

Round II April 8, 2021 April 15, 2021 : Vote on DC’s Twitter 409

Round III May 5, 2021 May 13, 2021 : Vote on DC’s Twitter 409

Round IV May 20, 2021 May 27, 2021: Vote on DC Community :sunglasses:


Stay tuned, as these will be revealed at the end of each round for the remaining contenders!

April 8, 2021 : TALENT TEAMS, SPOT ART


Come back on April 8, 2021 to learn the results of Round I!

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