Young Zombie

The story of a zombie boy and his dog.. the dog is not a zombie, just the boy… but they might both eat people.

Cover you eyes as GaryFrank, and Ernie (he’s the dog, the other guys are both humans, for the most part) battle a zombie with only valuable collectibles to protect themselves! Including a vintage Return of the Jedi B-Wing fighter and, of course, The Millennium Falcon. On second thought, keep your eyes open, it is a comic book after all.

Awkward geek Gary gets bitten by a zombie, infection sets in, making him a teenage zombie! He doesn’t remember how it happened, he just happened to emerge from a freshly dug grave craving human flesh. He just wants to hangout with his dog Ernie, like a normal person, except for the fact that they just happen to eat people together. Maybe just maybe they’ll eat their other best bud, Frank. No spoilers, but maybe.

The concept plays with teenage comedies as well as the obvious worlds of zombie and general horror. It is referential without being a parody, the essence of the piece is a teenager struggling with being weird in an absurd way.

Now with the context out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the pages. How does 5 of them sound?

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