You should get into comic books: a guide for new readers 

Comic books have attracted a cult following for decades now. Dedicated fans have assembled huge collections and religiously buy every issue that’s released to keep up with the new adventures of their favorite characters. It’s no surprise, then, that with such dedicated fanbases, there are several storylines that have endured the test of time and are just as loved nowadays as they were in the 1960s or 70s.

The appeal of comics isn’t difficult to spot. They are typically easier to read than novels, so people who don’t find reading enjoyable can instead switch to the graphic version. After all, reading has proven benefits for cognitive skills, memory, and concentration, so you want it to be part of your routine. Comics can also be a gateway into literature for people who find reading boring and uneventful. The reason for this is that many people struggle, at least in the beginning, to keep up with the flow of a story. But comic books offer the visual support necessary to ground the reader and keep them entertained.

If you’re not convinced yet, here are a few extra reasons why you should try comic books.

Complex storylines 

Comic books frequently get a reputation as daunting reads, with thousands of issued volumes, and sprawling, extensive narratives. As such, it can seem daunting to pick up one of them and start to read. You may be concerned that you won’t be able to catch up with the story and that you’ll feel in the dark about all the implications and plot points. But there’s no reason to despair. Everyone starts from somewhere, and many writers and editors know this.

Writers keep you in the know-how via exposition passages and dialogue, and there are frequently recap pages at the front, mainly if the story has been ongoing for a while and there are many issues. If that’s not enough to help you figure out how everything goes, you can always turn to the internet. Plenty of websites offer extensive information, so you won’t miss out on any information from the lore.

However, you shouldn’t feel compelled to know everything simply because it happens in the same universe. Depending on what you read, stories that have been around for decades underwent many iterations. In some cases, characters can have completely different versions of themselves now compared to how they were in the past. There are so many different backstories that in the case of incredibly popular characters, such as Marvel superheroes or the X-Men, you’ll have a hard time keeping track of all of them unless you’re a hardcore fan.

Reading comics should be an enjoyable and relaxing activity, so don’t overthink it too much and put impossible targets on yourself.

Various genres 

The comic book genre is frequently viewed by those who aren’t interested through a somewhat stereotypical lens. They associate it mainly with superheroes and pretty much nothing else. And while it’s true that superhero comics are fairly popular, they’re not the only ones out there. The world of comic books is quite rich when it comes to themes and genres, and you can find pretty much everything you’re interested in if you’re willing to look for it a bit.

If you’re a horror fan, you can look into James Tynion IV and Werther Dell’Edera’s ongoing “Something Is Killing the Children.” This gripping tale tells the story of a small town called Archer’s Peak, where children start to disappear mysteriously. At the same time, an enigmatic monster hunter arrives, and she believes the stories the found children tell about creatures hiding in the shadows. If dystopian tales are what interest you, then “Lazarus” is the one for you. Set on the backdrop of a society struggling with the effects of climate change, the story revolves around powerful families that have taken control of the world, creating a system largely resembling a heavily-industrialized form of feudalism.

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Cognitive function 

You’re already aware that reading helps improve your thinking process. Comic books take it a step further and help you via multiple modalities. This practice refers to diverse presentations that employ various senses and develop different skills. While traditionally used in academia to boost student engagement and address pupils’ different learning styles, you can use it yourself from the comfort of your own home.

When you read comics, you don’t only use your textual skills but also your visual and spatial abilities. Integrating all these aspects into your understanding of the story means that you use your brain more. It’s the preferred alternative to watching TV or scrolling the internet because you’re taking steps to improve your cognition. While there’s still room for further research on the subject, it’s clear that the effects are much larger in scope than simply looking at some pictures.

Comic books are often overlooked as immature or simplistic. There are even some people who openly criticize adults who read graphic novels. This narrow-minded view isn’t in line with all that comics offer, from great entertainment to improved mental prowess. If you’ve never read comic books before, give them a try. Approach them with an open mind, and you won’t be disappointed.

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