Xion Studios’ Charlie McElvy Announces Launch of Spider-Squirrel Comic

Richmond, VA— 5/1/2021 — SPIDER-SQUIRREL #1 is a 40-page, Teen+ rated comic book produced with a light-hearted script, incredibly dynamic art, and some really fun characters. It’s classic superhero comics and even some of the stereotypical tropes that comes with them.

This book is writer Charlie McElvy’s “dream project” in a lot of ways, and his inspirations are obvious right from the start: Spider-man, Nightwing, Blue Beetle & Booster Gold, Invincible, among a few others. In some of the subtext, this book is quasi-autobiographical: McElvy take life very seriously, and yet rarely acts like it.

As such, this book is also very surface-level: what you see is what you get. The entire production team is having fun producing this comic for release. It isn’t overly-cerebral, and it doesn’t always explain what’s going on. Sometimes, it’s just plain fun, nothing more.

In SPIDER-SQUIRREL – main story written by Charlie McElvy (WatchGuard), with the art handled by DC Stuelpner (lines), John Rauch (colors), HdE (letters), and edited by Vito Delsante (Stray) – the main characters Spider-Squirrel and Trash Panda get into all sorts of seemingly random hijinks right out the gate. That is, right after dealing with some dating issues and checking out a local night club…

Time travel. Multi-dimensional adventures. Girl troubles. Misunderstood villains. Villains who are just bad. All wrapped in an air of fun, sometimes funny, character moments and calamity.

Speaking of multi-dimensional adventures: this book isn’t written just by McElvy, but a whole cadre of indie comic book creators who have pitched in and provided some fun interstitial adventures that include their respective heroes! As such, we’ll have crossover tales from Ian Sharman (Hypergirl), Eric N. Bennett (Steel Wolf), Scott Fogg (Phileas Reid), Vito Delsante (Stray, Tribute, World War Mob), and more…! Each of these stories will feature a different art team which also showcases some of the incredible art talent within the indie comics community.


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