X-odus replacements

Now that Erik Larsen, Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld, Whilce Portacio, and Marc Silvestri are leaving Marvel, what artists will replace them? According to Marvel West Coast Sales Representative Mike Martin these are the changes we can expect to see on the X-Comics.

The four-issue Cable mini-series will now be a two-issue Cable mini-series that will ship in July and August. Liefeld will no longer be involved with this project. The new creative team is Fabian Nicieza, writer; John Romita Jr., penciller; and Klaus Janson, inker.

Uncanny X-Men will have Joe Quesada art from #294 until some time shortly after the Cable mini-series, when Romita will take over on a regular basis. Quesada is currently working on The Ray for DC Comics.

Wolverine will have many new artists, starting with Brandon Peterson, followed by Mark Texeira, and then Bill Sienkiewicz.

X-Factor, the only X-title without a defecting artist, will continue to be drawn by Larry Stroman. However, there will be some issues with art by Greg Capullo. Eventually, when Quesada leaves Uncanny X-Men, he will take over X-Factor.

X-Force loses Liefeld’s art with #9, though he will continue to provide plots through # 14. The art on # 10 will be by the art team, penciller Mark Pacella and inker Dan Panosian; they will continue until Capullo finishes on X-Factor and takes over the art on a regular basis.

Marvel will replace X-Men artist Jim Lee with Andy Kubert.

Martin said, “Marvel has no ill will towards the departing artists. All the positive press that Image is getting in the media will attract more people to comics collecting, and that will help! Marvel’s sales.”

As to the effect Youngblood has on the market, Martin said that Malibu got an extra 5% market share. That 5% came from DC Comics, which lost 3%, and Dark Horse, which lost 2%.

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