WWE Legend The Iron Sheik Passes Away

Several outlets, including his official social media, have reported that WWE legend The Iron Sheik has passed away at age 81.

The Iron Sheik, real name Kosrow Vaziri, led a life that very few will. From being a bodyguard to the Shah of Iran to Olympic coach to the US Wrestling Team, to WWE Champion, and to one of the most dastardly villains in pro wrestling history; he truly carved his own path.

Vaziri’s biggest achievement came when he ended the four year championship reign of Bob Backlund in Madison Square Garden. He would then drop the WWE championship to Hulk Hogan, beginning a new era in professional wrestling. Sheik would then go onto a legendary feud with Sgt. Slaughter and win tag team gold with fellow villain Nikolai Volkoff.

Sheik would become a journeyman after his main stint in WWE, but would return in the early 90s. He joined former rival Sgt. Slaughter in the “Triangle of Terror” as an Iraqi sympathizer named Col. Mustafa during the first Gulf War and a few months after. His next big WWE appearance would be at WrestleMania 17 where he emerged the victor in the “Gimmick Battle Royal.”

Photo from 411Mania

Another revival was in the works as he achieved viral fame for his infamous comments about pro wrestler Brian Blair during a shoot interview in the mid 2000s. After that he would make appearances on the Howard Stern Show and take part in public appearances that included stand up comedy shows.

A documentary was also made about his life in 2014 that brought more eyes onto the Sheik’s life and career.

In the last few years the appearances became less and less due to his age and health. His last big appearance was for A&E Biography this past year.

The staff at First Comics News would like to send out our most sincere condolences to The Iron Sheik’s family, friends, and fans.


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