• Icon behind Batman, X-Men, Green Lantern and many others has revealed his first original comic book in over two years
  • The comic follows the journey of three characters and provides the backstory for the reimagined version of the video game, Hash Rush to be released in early 2022
  • One-of-a-kind ‘Legend’ issue created in honour of the artist becomes rarest comic in the world, and to be digitalised as a one off NFT that could fetch seven figures at auction
  • 80 bespoke ‘Crystal’ issues to be published, plus 2,500 ‘Hash Rush’ issues that will go on sale via the Vorto Network on Thursday 4 November

Neal Adams, the artist behind some of the world’s most famous Marvel and DC Comics superheroes has unveiled his latest masterpiece, Hash Rush; a comic based on the video game of the same name that will be publicly rereleased in 2022.

The comic, which is Adams’ first original work in over two years follows the story of three characters: Violet, Rick and the Traveller as they battle to remove the crystal scourge from their home planets. The trio face a variety of challenges in their quest for supremacy that ends where the video game begins.

A one-of-one first edition ‘Legend’ issue of the comic has been created by the team at Vorto Gaming – the publishers behind Hash Rush – in honour of the iconic artist. As the only certified issue of its kind, the ‘Legend’ becomes the rarest comic in the world. With a bespoke cover printed on gold aluminium, it will also be minted as a piece of digital art and made available as a NFT via an upcoming auction; details of which will be announced in the coming days.

In celebration of Adams’ stellar career – which has included works on the likes of Batman, Superman and Green Lantern – Vorto Gaming have also created 80 first edition ‘Crystal’ issues of the comic book. Each are distinguished by the chromium finish to the front cover and numbered as part of the unique series that, like the ‘Legend’ issue, will be digitalised into NFTs and sold as a bundle with the physical comic book.

“Hash Rush is a story about overcoming adversity and fighting against the evils of this world to create a universe that prospers – echoing some of the recent challenges we’ve faced on earth,” said Neal Adams.

“It has been a while since I last published an original comic and I’m glad to have made a brief return on this book, creating a story that I hope readers find fascinating; one that is in its infancy and will hopefully become part of a much broader entertainment series in the future.” 

The Eisner Award Hall of Famer announced back in May that he was teaming up with Vorto Gaming to produce the comic, with the potential to expand the series beyond a comic book and game, and ambitions of creating a Hash Rush movie.

“Neal Adams is without doubt the most prestigious comic artist of our time, and having him create this one-of-a-kind masterpiece – the Legend – is a watershed moment and a piece of entertainment history. The collectibles community is growing at a rapid rate, and there are a number of comics that have eclipsed $1million in value this year alone. Could we be in that league? It’s certainly possible,” said Nathan Zeidonis, Creative Director at VZ Games and one of the original developers behind the Hash Rush video game.

Vorto Gaming has also announced the commission of 2,500 first edition paper-based ‘Hash Rush’ issues, each with an accompanying NFT, that will be available to purchase for $150 via the Vorto Network.

“We started developing Hash Rush as a project between a group of friends; never did I think it would be made into a piece of art by the GOAT of the comic industry. I can’t wait to bridge the physical comic world with the digital, and immortalise these comics as unique NFTs for the online community. I’ll be scrambling to get one as soon as they go on sale!” Zeidonis added.

Comic enthusiasts, collectors and gamers looking to get their hands on one of the Crystal or Hash Rush comics and NFTs will need to sign up to the Vorto Network for free by visiting, with the first sale going live on Thursday 4 November.

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