Working Wife or Housewife: What Is Better for the Family?

In the modern world, a woman, in addition to household chores, also undertakes to make money. At the same time, her husband also works, and when he comes home, he demands delicious food, an ironed shirt, and well-mannered children. Many girls cannot cope with such a load and become housewives. And after a while, the family breaks up. At this moment, the question arises: “What is better: working wife or housewife?” Each position has its own pros and cons that affect family relationships. It is necessary to consider them in detail to understand this issue.

Pros of a Housewife:

  • Always clean house. Unemployed Ukrainian women for marriage will always have time to wash the dishes, curtains and clean the toilet.
  • Well-fed children and husband. Everyone loves it when they open the refrigerator to see different dishes cooked.
  • Time for hobbies and gym. Unlike a working girl, a housewife herself can choose a convenient time for her to visit the gym.
  • Self-education of children. This is a great opportunity to monitor the child’s development and learning, as well as saving money on a nurse.


Cons of a Housewife for a Family:

  • Financial dependence on her husband. Becoming a housewife, a woman should know that now she will always have to ask her husband for money.
  • Closure from society. This can lead to a feeling of lack of communication with people. The woman at this moment is trying to fill the void by communicating with her husband (as a result, she will lack attention, romance, etc.).
  • Dressing gowns and slippers will become the main elements of the wardrobe. Most women don’t dress up at home. A ponytail on the head and a washed-out gown can soon become the reasons for the cooling of the husband’s feelings.
  • No self-development. While working, a woman always learns something new for herself: attends courses, improves her qualifications, while a housewife deliberately spends her time managing the house.


It often happens that husbands themselves insist that their wives get a job (or quit).

Pros of a Working Woman:

  • Work is an opportunity for self-realization, which will bring additional income to the family budget.
  • Unlike a housewife, she isn’t oppressed by family life. A change of scenery is sometimes beneficial, while housewives’ days are usually monotonous.
  • Taking care of themselves. One way or another, women’s competition in a team affects a woman’s appearance.
  • Ability to share housework with her husband.


Cons of a Working Woman:

  • Fatigue after work. Any work (mental or physical) exhausts, and in the evening, a woman will have to do a lot of work at home.
  • There isn’t enough time for raising children. About eight hours a day are allocated for work. At the same time, children can feel a lack of attention, which can subsequently affect family relationships.
  • Lack of time to keep the house clean. A working woman can often have unwashed dishes in the morning, while housewives usually have a kitchen sparkling with cleanliness.
  • Stresses and conflicts at work. It is crucial to understand that a part of the stress and negativity is brought home. Because of the spoiled mood at work, women spoil relations with their husbands.


Based on the above list of pros and cons, it is impossible to give a clear answer to the question of what is best for the family: a working wife or a housewife. To be a housewife or to work is up to the woman herself because, sometimes, one pro will cross out many cons.

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