Word Weirdos Comic Devotional & 52-Card Deck

We’re the Holley family (Josh, Anna, Brenna, and our dog Lando), and we started HOLLEYHOUSE PRODUCTIONS with one goal in mind: to help families and kiddos HAVE FUN BUILDING FAITH!

To accomplish this goal, we offer a variety of free ministry resources and more at our website www.holleyhouseproductions.com, and we also serve in Family Ministry each week with The Chapel Ministries. Having served over 8 years now with kids and families, we’re always trying to find creative ways to actually engage people with the Word of God. Over the years, this has led us to create everything from comics to cartoons to videos and even music as ministry outreach, but one of the greatest blessings to us was getting to create Word Weirdos -a fun new way to encourage Bible memorization!


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