WIZARD WORLD™ Launches 2D Non-Fungible Tokens: Connecting Fans with the Past through the Technology of the Future

Wizard World Launches its NFT Collection of Exclusive, Two-Dimensional Collectibles from 25 Years of Pop Culture Events; Three-Dimensional NFTs Expected Soon

NFT-Cover-Glow.pngLOS ANGELES, June 3, 2021 – Wizard World, a division of Wizard Brands Inc.™ (WIZD), announced today the launch of its inaugural collection of two-dimensional, non-fungible tokens (2D NFTs) of exclusive items from the Wizard World Vault online marketplace (www.wizardworldvault.com). Compiled from 25 years of events (www.wizardworld.com) and trusted sourcing throughout the pop-culture industry, Wizard World’s collectibles are now available to be bought as an NFT.

Wizard World’s launch of NFTs marks an integral step in its progression into a technology and entertainment company that builds global interactive online communities for affinity groups by sourcing, producing, marketing, and streaming exclusive proprietary events, while monetizing unique content from the past and present through the Wizard World Vault. As part of Wizard World’s greater technology strategy, Wizard World expects to expand its technological offerings this year to include three-dimensional NFTs (3D NFTs), the ability for fans to create their own NFTs by minting their personal collections and the introduction of a mobile application.

“This is a powerful moment for Wizard World and our loyal fans,” stated Wizard Brands CEO and Chairman, Scott Kaufman. “With the launch of our 2D NFTs and our upcoming product launches, Wizard World fans and life-long collectors can memorialize their fandom in the virtual world by transforming the real into the virtual. The door has fully opened for our fans to enter the digital age, and this is just one of many exciting steps Wizard World will take in our pursuit of minting nostalgia.”

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