Wizard World Issues Call To Action To Fan Base On NFT Strategy

WIZARD WORLDTM Issues Call to Action to Its Fanbase:

As Wizard World Begins Transforming the Real into the Virtual with its NFT Strategy,

Wizard World Asks Fans to Help Beta Test

LOS ANGELES, April 9, 2021 – Wizard Brands Inc.™ (OTCQB: WIZD), is pleased to announce Wizard World, a division of the company is developing its NFT strategy by transforming some of its most coveted physical memorabilia into NFTs.  In order to give its fans more of what they want from Wizard – access to one-of-a-kind real and virtual collectibles from their favorite films and stars – Wizard World is launching a beta test with fans who want to weigh in on the future rollout of the company’s NFT strategy, which is aimed at incorporating NFTs into the Wizard World memorabilia marketplace.   Register for the beta test here.

Wizard World plans to selectively explore its extensive Wizard World Vault™ collection of over 20,000 memorabilia items, along with acquiring new collectibles, to create provably unique digital collectibles linked to the physical assets.  From superheroes to supervillains, nostalgic favorites to scream kings and queens, Wizard World will connect our fans’ current passions to their future digital collections.

“After listening closely to our fans’ desires, we are starting to develop our NFT strategy”, stated Wizard Brands CEO and Chairman Scott Kaufman. “After hearing from our avid consumer base, 70% of whom expressed a desire for physical memorabilia objects linked with digital renderings, Wizard World has begun the transition of reality to virtual leading toward the creation of our NFTs.  By inviting fans to take part in beta testing, we’re hoping to give the fans more of what they want from the Wizard World memorabilia marketplace.”

The launch of NFTs is an exciting element of Wizard World’s progression into a technology company that connects our fans’ past to their future through NFTs, builds online interactive communities through live streaming events, and sells memorabilia across a wide spectrum of shared interest groups.

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