Wizard Entertainment, Inc. Takes The Lead In Streamed Interactive Programming With ‘Wizard World Virtual Experiences’

Wizard launches streaming channel broadcast live on Twitch, Facebook and You Tube seamlessly connects a worldwide audience with Live Chats, Recorded Videos, Autographs From, Celebrities, Motion Picture and Television Cast Groups, and Athletes.

Once Upon at Time WWV.pngLOS ANGELES, June 5, 2020 – Wizard Entertainment, Inc. (OTCBB:WIZD) has emerged as the industry leader in producing streamed online programming on its own proprietary and exclusive channel allowing fans to engage with their favorite celebrities.  As the first mover in this market Wizard Entertainment has established itself as the leader in producing innovative high-quality interactive streamed content.

Since launch of the channel, there has been exponential growth in the amount of programming produced by Wizard, sessions viewed, and sequential month to month growth of over 100%, often with multiple programming sessions scheduled in a single day. This pace is expected to increase throughout the year.

Since the launch of the programming service, which featured the cast of the hit show “Supernatural”, Wizard World Virtual Experiences has ramped-up, with live panels broadcast to hundreds of thousands of viewers, private one-on-one celebrity video chats with thousands of fans, and distribution of recorded video greetings and autographed photos, books and other items to followers of a wide cross-section of pop culture fans and affinity groups.

The formula that Wizard is employing for its streamed programming is unique because it  includes original content that is delivered for viewers to watch and enjoy, but the key is a unique interactive component allowing viewers to interact with their favorite celebrities one-on-one.

New programming sessions are being added daily to Wizard’s scheduled programming allowing fans across the globe unprecedented access to communicate one-on-one with stars of their favorite franchises. Some of the most popular Wizard World Virtual Experiences to date have featured standouts from “Outlander,” “The Vampire Diaries,” “Game of Thrones,” “Teen Wolf,” “Pretty Little Liars” and more, as well as individual sessions with Hollywood greats Henry Winkler, Ed Asner and Chazz Palminteri and famed baseball heroes Wade Boggs and Dwight “Doc” Gooden.

“Streamed programming has quickly become the format that we all use to watch the entertainment that we enjoy. Wizard has taken streamed content as the point of departure for an experience that allows viewers to have direct conversations with celebrities online. The launch of Wizard World Virtual Experiences, and our entry into interactive streaming, has  expanded our universe to fans around the world,” said John D. Maatta, CEO, Wizard Entertainment, Inc. “We expect to expand these offerings with an even wider selection of topics, affinity groups and fandoms, including authors, comic and art creators, musicians, sports, and other entertainment segments in addition to the current pop-culture and sports offerings.”

Fans can watch the streamed content on the Wizard Channel and can submit questions (via chat) for a 45-minute group moderated Q&A free via Twitch, Facebook and YouTube. Following the session are live paid private two-minute video opportunities with each participating celebrity. Fans may also purchase recorded video greetings as well as autographed photos and merchandise via the Wizard World Virtual website at www.wizardworldvirtual.com.

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