With Glowing Hearts, we See … True Patriot Presents #1

True Patriot #1 Cover
True Patriot #1 Cover

True Patriot was a 100+ page anthology launched by J. Torres using Indigogo several years ago. The book featured a bevy of Canadian superheroes written and drawn by some of our favourite Canadian comic book creators. The project was so successful that a second volume was launched, this time using Kickstarter. I was a supporter of both projects and the quality of those books and the superheroes featured within was top notch and I eagerly anticipated a third volume.

Once more into the breach … this time around for Volume 3 the creators are taking a different approach. Released through Chapterhouse, True Patriot Presents is a regular sized comic book which will come out every two months. In the first issue of the bi-monthly comic book, Jay Stephens continues the amazing adventures of Arrowhead. Fred Kennedy and Rob Armstrong give us the origin of Gull Girl. Plus, J. Bone and J. Torres team-up Grey Owl and Tundra from the Family Dynamic. Colourful, fun, adventurous and full of that lovable wink and a nod we come to expect from Canadian comics. You won’t be disappointed picking up the True Patriot comics.

True Patriot #1 Interior Page
True Patriot #1 Interior Page

Cody Meekis, is a First Nations lad that has stumbled upon a secret flying suit. Developed by the engineers at Avro Aircraft, the folks that made the Avro Arrow fighter plane the suit uses geo-magnetism to fly. Cody takes it to his friend Del Dixon and it doesn’t take long before they put on the suit and teach some bullies a bit of a lesson. Little do they know that activating the Arrowhead suit has brought them the wrong type of attention.

Behind Niagara Falls lies Thunderland, a beautiful wonderland secreted away from the rest of the world. While swooping around in this idyllic paradise The Grey Owl stumbles upon Tundra, a member of the Family Dynamic team. The duo find that even in a paradise dangers lurk about.

In the final story we get the origin story of Gull Girl, conqueror of all reality and all-seeing all-knowing matriarchal over-lord and saviour. Quite the job description!

While issue #1 was available as a print copy, future issues will be digital only and exclusive to Comixology. Fingers crossed for a collected, physical Volume #3!

Issue: True Patriot Presents #1 | Publisher: Chapterhouse Comics Group
Writers: Jay Stephens, J. Torres & Fred Kennedy | Artists: Jay Stephens, J. Bone & Rob Armstrong
Price: $3.99

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