Witches Unleashed – A Marvel Untold Novel

By, Carrie Harris


Ghost Rider goes up against Lucifer

Johnny Blaze, AKA the Ghost Rider, has accidentally released Lucifer from Hell, and that’s a serious problem. While hunting down fragments of Lucifer’s soul, Johnny Blaze enlists the help of witches Jennifer Kale, Satana Hellstrom and Topaz to hunt down a fragment that has animated the body of Jennifer’s cousin, Magda. Lucifer is hunting for the Tome of Zhered-Na, which the witches protect, and if he gets hold of it all of hell will be unleashed upon the world. Now the witches must work together, and with Johnny Blaze, if they’re going to stop him. But that will mean putting personal demons aside, and trusting each other this one time…


“New and exciting. And incredibly good… This book really is a giant triumph for Harris… This is an incredible book. Highest recommend.”

The Omniplex, on Liberty & Justice for All

“An action-packed adventure… this is definitely worth checking out.”

Track of Words, on Liberty & Justice for All



The author CARRIE HARRIS is a geek of all trades and proud of it. She’s an experienced author of tie-in fiction, former tabletop game executive and published game designer who lives in Utah. Find out more about her here:




352 pages • cover by Fabio Listrani

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