Winners of the 2020 Lezhin Comic Challenge Announced!

  • 10 comics were chosen as the final winners of the 2020 Lezhin Comic Challenge.
  • Writing Hell by FairyDemon was chosen as the Grand Prize Winner.
  • Grand and First Prize winners will return in 2021 as regularly publishing webtoons series’.


Lezhin Entertainment is proud to announce the winners of the 2020 Lezhin Comic Challenge. The contest was open to artists and writers from all around the world from July 1st to August 31st.

Writing Hell, 2020 Lezhin Comic Challenge, Grand Prize Winner. Image courtesy of Lezhin Entertainment. 

Now, the results of the contest have been announced with the following 10 prize-winning titles:


Grand Prize Winner

–       Writing Hell by FairyDemon

First Prize Winners

–       Bitters & Blackmail by Greigory

–       Saranghaetang by myrnmyrn

–       Demented: Beyond the Realms by toeknee

Second Prize Winners

–       What You Wish For by Rowdy Owl

–       Wild Child by Leongi

–       CRUSH3D!! by YAA

Third Prize Winners

–       Summer, Anyway by brokes

–       Kiss Tastes Like Summer by Nya-tyan

–       Jade’s Fantasy by Eeshee M


The Grand Prize and First Prize titles will return in 2021 as full series’ with regular publication. Click here to see this year’s winners. 

Saranghaetang, 2020 Lezhin Comic Challenge, First Prize Winner. Image courtesy of Lezhin Entertainment. 

While this year’s contest is officially over, plans are already in motion for a follow-up event in 2021. Or, for prospective creators, Lezhin Comics’ submission system is open year-round at

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