Win the Pot: Beginners Guide to Online Poker

As a novice player, you may be wondering where to go for the best poker sites online for beginners and, more importantly, where to put your money. There are many different online poker sites to select from, and I’ve included my choices below according to your needs.

Best Online Poker Casinos

888 Poker

Because this fantastic poker site draws many leisure players, the poker games at 888 are often considerably simpler than those found on other online poker sites. Their no-deposit bonus attracts casual players, but their lack of excellent incentives for high-volume players repels serious grinders. The site also hosts some freeroll events, allowing you to start building your poker bankroll from the ground up!

888 Poker is the best poker site for casual players, thanks to its £88 no deposit offer and many high-value freerolls. It’s also ideal for beginning poker players since the site has tables dedicated to them, allowing you to play against others of comparable skill levels.

Playing real money cash games or tournaments earns bonuses. The standard 888 Poker sign-up offer is a 100% match bonus of £400. For example, if you deposit £50, you will be eligible for a free £50 bonus from the site! Because this incentive only applies to your initial deposit, it’s best to make one big investment rather than multiple smaller ones.


PokerStars is the world’s largest online poker platform (and have been for over a decade). They have the greatest software and, most likely, the best security of any online poker room. They have, however, been making controversial adjustments to the site for years, ranging from continual rake hikes to drastically reduced incentives. Consequently, multiple rivals have challenged their formerly unchallenged status as the world’s largest online poker site.

Nothing better exemplifies PokerStars’ problem than their sign-up incentive. Most PokerStars’ incentives seem to be fantastic, but they aren’t. On the other hand, the sign-up incentives seem terrible but are somewhat decent! Their welcome bonus is 100% up to £600, or £30 for free.

GG Poker

This poker site is suggested for serious poker players, although it’s also suitable for casual and novice players! GG Poker is a relative newcomer to the online poker market compared to the other sites on our list, but it has quickly evolved to become one of the world’s largest online poker sites. 

GG Poker is most known for its very soft cash games, but they also have an excellent loyalty rewards program. There is no greater mix of gentle games and large payouts for serious gamers! Casual gamers will like their loyalty rewards scheme, which pays novices even better than professionals!

GG Poker provides a regular 100% sign-up bonus of £600. You get £5 of the bonus for every £20 in rake and fees you create, for an excellent 25% Rakeback. You have 90 days to get the bonus, making it a better-than-average sign-up incentive.

Make sure you deposit on a site that offers a decent initial deposit bonus. As we have covered, almost all websites provide excellent initial deposit bonuses, but some are greater than others; make sure you pay attention to this when joining up since it may add a large sum to your bankroll.

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