ART’S REVIERWS: Will Murray’s latest novel: Doc Savage and The Shadow team up against “The Empire of Doom”!

Pulp Legend Will Murray weighs in with his latest novel “The Empire of Doom” in which Doc Savage and The Shadow face off with one of the greatest supper-villains f the Pulps: Shiwan Khan!  This novel hits the ground running on page one and the action never stops.  This is a not only a follow up to the earlier Doc/Shadow crossover, “The Sinister Shadow.”  It brings a new level of excitement, adventure, and the weird menace stories that we all loved about the 1930s Pulps.

Along the way, Will not only discusses the inspiration that led to the new story, but he gives us some peeks into other work he has coming out very soon.  Don’t miss this one.


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