Will Murray Reexamines Pulp History With DARK AVENGER: THE STRANGE SAGA OF THE SHADOW

Celebrates The History of The Shadow Magazine

In 1980, Will Murray produced this monumental book, The Duende History of The Shadow Magazine. More than 40 years later, the celebrated pulp historian has released a greatly expanded and revised edition under a new title.

Dark Avenger: The Strange Saga of The Shadow is a followup to Murray’s 2022 compendium, Master of Mystery: The Rise of The Shadow.

Where Master of Mystery was a collection of articles and interviews, Dark Avenger is a detailed deep dive into the legendary Shadow Magazine, which ran from 1931 to 1949.

Profusely illustrated and peppered with quotes from Shadow creator Walter B. Gibson and others, Dark Avenger has already been called one of the greatest books on the pulp era ever written.

Will Murray says, “Frankly, I never expected to revisit this book. But demand for a collection of my articles on The Shadow, coupled with repeated requests for the long-out-of-print Duende History of The Shadow, forced me to rethink that position. Forty years years is a long time. During that period, nearly every Shadow novel has been reprinted, which has only created a larger audience who want to know more about this phantasmal figure and the creators who brought him to life.”

Dark Avenger boasts a spectacular cover by award-winning artist Joe DeVito, as well as interior art by Frank Hamilton, Colton Worley, and Rick Roe, who contributed to the original edition of this book.

Available in hardcover, trade paperback and e-book formats, Dark Avenger is a monumental work, as well as a labor of love.

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