Uncut & full-color, Mike Wolfer’s cult-classic erotic horror series continues, exclusive to Kickstarter!

WIDOW UNLEASHED is a full-color comics series developed especially for Kickstarter and is available nowhere else. Written and drawn by cult comics legend Mike Wolfer (Night of the Living DeadFriday the 13th, Edgar Rice Burroughs’ The Monster Men), WIDOW UNLEASHED represents the entire WIDOW saga for the first time in shocking color and includes every page of sizzling action previously removed because of its strong adult content. Every red-hot issue contains at least 23 pages of story. This is the ultimate edition as you’ve never seen it before, with a liberally rewritten script and updated art…And you can get your hands on every issue that has been released in one campaign!

But you won’t be getting just ONE issue in this campaign…Each level comes with TWO complete issues, Widow Unleashed #5 AND #6! Two full-color, 24-page comics for one price, available in either print or digital!

Each new issue of Widow Unleashed released through Kickstarter is available in 7 different cover variants: Main, Nude, Adult, Elegant Photo, and Steamy Photo editions, along with two super-RARE variants, the Elegant and Steamy Movie Still Editions.

Live on Kickstarter at 7:00 pm, you can preview it now


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