Why well-written characters are important in longer games

Storytelling in video games has come a long way during the last 20 years. It is not uncommon now to see plot developments and characters that rival the best TV shows. With advanced motion capture and excellent writing helping games like The Last of Us and Horizon Forbidden West to keep players engaged for hours on end.

Writing well-written characters is very important in games that players invest dozens, if not hundreds of hours, into. Writing compelling characters can be difficult even for a two-hour movie, so game developers are often presented with an incredible challenge in this regard, especially when narratives are also formed during gameplay and exploration outside of cutscenes. Why is it worth the effort then?

Characters support progression

The concept of pacing is crucial in longer games as developers need to keep players interested over time. Writing deep and engaging characters that are well served by the overall story gives players something to latch onto and enjoy outside of the core gameplay loop, while also offering a sense of progression. When characters evolve over time, players are more likely to connect to them and continue playing to see how they will impact the overall story.

Characters offer a sense of realism

Well-written characters are something that comics, books, movies, and TV shows have used for decades to tell great stories. While games are a relatively new medium in comparison, the sense of realism that in-depth characters bring allows players to make deeper connections. This enables developers to explore complex topics and tell memorable stories. It also creates a discussion about the “lore” of the game and what everything means. This increases immersion and contributes to the creation of a fully developed game world.

Characters can be developed in unique ways

You don’t always need lengthy cutscenes to develop a character. Browsing through the games at the Best NJ Online Casinos you will see how online games use iconic imagery and bonus features to create a unique look and feel to games. Take ‘Divine Fortune’, for example, an exciting slot that promises a “trip back in time” to ancient Greece where players can enjoy an unforgettable “epic adventure” with a cast of mythical creatures. Game developers have become adept at using imagery and words to create characters and believable worlds.

Characters encourage re-playability

Well-written characters are important for the longevity of a game too. When there isn’t a compelling protagonist or interesting antagonist, players are more likely to drop the game and not return to it in the future. This is true for re-playability too. Adding DLC and new characters that flesh out the story over time will keep players coming back for more, especially in RPGs where there are different branches of dialogue to choose from when talking to companions and NPCs.

Characters are also great for marketing as they provide a “hook” that makes the game appealing. Without compelling characters, it is more difficult to make a favorable impression and to keep players interested after hours of gameplay

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