Why Take by Force What You Could Gain by Diplomacy … Earth Alliance

Earth Alliance #1 Cover
Earth Alliance #1 Cover

“The year is 2190. The human race is thriving, but only after it looked to the stars in search of a replacement for earth’s depleted fossil fuels. Humans found an energy source, a mineral called elirium, in a neighboring star system, and in doing so, discovered they were not alone in the universe. While mining the mineral, mankind made first contact with the Khutarri, a humanoid alien race who also depend on elirium to survive. Both species staked their claim on the planets that house the indispensable substance, which has kept them on the brink of intergalactic war for a decade. Neither humans nor the Khutarri want the fight to extend to their home worlds, but each will do whatever it takes to avoid extinction. In the future, elirium is power. Elirium means survival.”

Raymond Fields has created an intriguing political and military Sci-Fi comic here in Earth Alliance. With multiple plot threads keeping the story flowing I was particular drawn to Thomas Ryan, a bored and in trouble son of the Admiral in charge of Earth’s united military force. Drawn into the Service Cadet Thomas has to fight the pampered image his peers have of an Admiral’s son and his Father’s heavy expectations. We also see the political game being played behind the scenes both on Earth and on the Khutarri home world.

Earth Alliance Interior Page
Earth Alliance Interior Page

On the art front Marc Olivent does a good job with each character being drawn differently enough that it is easy to follow the characters even without a distinctive superhero costume. That actual sounds harder than it is as I have trouble following who is who in some big publisher books where everyone looks the same. Colourist Rachel N. Ward is obviously making heavy use of digital techniques to render the art with some depth and the fun little mechanic she employed to slightly blur action scenes is pretty neat.

Overall this is a great independent comic and I expect more comics and stories from all involved. Digital download available at the Future Earth Entertainment website.


Title: Earth Alliance | Publisher: Future Earth Entertainment
Writer: Raymond C. Fields | Artists: Marc Olivent & Rachel N. Ward
Price: $3.99

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