Why is escaping into a fantasy-themed game so satisfying?

Most of us don’t have the chance to solve ancient mysteries, explore new planets or meet magical creatures in our daily life. For those who can’t accept a humdrum existence and crave that kind of adventure, fantasy-themed games are the ideal outlet. New titles are being released all the time, providing more settings, creatures, and playing styles for gamers to enjoy. So why have fantasy-themed titles remained so appealing and why are these games such an effective form of escapism?

New concepts are blended with familiar themes and characters

Strange and unusual these worlds might be, but they always deliver just enough familiarity to ensure we feel comfortable when playing. Series such as World of Warcraft and The Witcher borrow from classic works of literature by JRR Tolkien and Peter S Beagle, just like board games did in the years before video games. Therefore, when you first enter into a new gaming world, you’ll be ready for the types of protagonists and villains you’ll meet and their character traits.

You are at the heart of the action

Most fantasy-themed games allow you to be the protagonist, rather than keeping you on rails while the story unfolds around you. There are likely to be a few rules, but those aside, you have the freedom to drive the story in a way that suits you. As a result, you can start to feel more invested in the world and the people who inhabit it. If you love immersive gaming and would appreciate some real-world rewards, check out the casino deals at RightCasino. They’ve brought together an interesting selection of bonuses for players to capitalize on from a range of reliable casinos.

Most fantasy-themed games have a serious message

It’s not all swords and sorcery in fantasy gaming, because often the creative team behind the title have included a message. These can be basic ideas about good triumphing over evil or more complex ruminations on the nature of free will and environmental concerns. In games with a powerful narrative, such as Skyrim, it’s often the case that a character’s behavior has repercussions. If you treat people well, you, in turn, are treated well – a message that is directly relatable to our lived experiences.

Anything is possible

As the opposite of reality, fantasy is a space where nothing is impossible. You don’t have to start playing with anything approaching realistic expectations and these games are all the more enjoyable because of that. Expect to foster a magical relationship with animals, scale enormous castle walls and recover from vicious sword fights within minutes. Although you can’t experience the same power in real life, you can always cosplay as your favorite character to feel more connected to the game.

With a fantasy-themed title, you can completely immerse yourself in an alternative universe or just explore a few spine-tingling dungeons. However you prefer to play and whatever your favorite mythical characters are, there is something for everyone in this vast genre.

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