Why Comics Haven’t Lost Their Popularity for Decades

You might be familiar with some people who go crazy about comics and everything connected with them, but do you know the secret of such popularity?

Did you know that the first modern-looking comic book appeared eighty-eight years ago? People fell in love with its witty characters and catchy content, so they looked forward to the new issue. It wasn’t weird to come across a group of kids or adults examining a single comic book. Besides, the latter could undertake a long journey and change dozens of owners before it was back on a shelf. So, comic books had gained popularity even before people became familiar with all the superheroes and movies created by Marvel Universe. Earlier, high-school students were ready to turn to the custom essay writing service just to free up their schedules and have more time for their favorite pastime. Even though today people go crazy more about the comic book industry’s new derivatives and prefer to watch movies about superheroes than to read stories, the classic paper journals still have a big fan army.

Where can you see comic book characters?

Time changes everything, so it’s not surprising comic books have got their continuation in movies and online games. The industry has adjusted to new realities to stay on track and attract new viewers. And it’s perhaps one of the secrets why comic books haven’t lost their popularity but rather made their fan base even bigger. Well, maybe people have stopped exchanging comic books and gathering in groups to view the only available issue, but they have gone even further in their love for this genre and its characters.


If you ask ten people interested in comics whether they know something about Comic-Con, the chances are high that you will get a response full of bright descriptions. It’s one of the most important and outstanding events that brings together comic book admirers globally. Some people are ready to hit the road and spend a pretty penny just to visit as many Comic-Con events as they can. If you are lucky to pop in such a spot, you will come across crowds of people dressed up as their favorite characters, and if it’s a large-scale event, your chances to get acquainted with writers become even bigger.

Marvel Universe movies

New time requires new approaches. Many people found out about comic books and their characters thanks to one of the largest movie franchises, the Marvel Universe. The release of movies based on comics encouraged people to get to the bottom of the story and purchase the original paper version. Their comic novels are still considered the most popular worldwide, so it’s not surprising many writers continue to work on them. The more movies they release, the more interested people become in comic books as well. It’s like a chain reaction.

Online games

Online video games have become extremely popular among people, so it’s not news they have managed to get a place on the list of the most common hobbies. And when developers decided to integrate many comic book characters into games, it seemed a pretty natural idea. Really why not combine two fascinating hobbies to get a double profit? In general, comic books have become a great inspiration source for video game developers. So, people can pretend to find themselves inside comic books and interact with their favorite characters. Some avid gamers even turn to the pro essay writing service to get more free time for video games when they are overwhelmed with assignments.

Comics stores

Even though comic books have lost many of their stores, there are still some specialized spots where you can grab the desired issue. Besides, it is worth remembering that the whole world has gone online, and many ordinary shops have been replaced with their web analogs where many people can make pre-orders instead of wasting their time in lines for hours. New times require new approaches and decisions.

What makes comic books so catchy?

If you have never spent a whole night reading a comic book, you might hardly understand what makes them so special and catchy that people go crazy about them. Well, readers treat them differently, so it can be hard to reveal all their features. However, we will try to point out some key moments.

Right vs. wrong

People have always been interested in the epic war between good and evil, and its interplay is outstanding in comic books. They have created cunning villains and well-trained superheroes ready to save the world and confront evil no matter what. Even though this topic repeats in most comic books, it gets new shades and elements every time. And one of the catchiest facts is that all superheroes are pretty human, so it is easy to imagine oneself in their shoes.


Even though comics are all about fantasy, they reveal mortality, personal relationships, and different immortal concepts. People like to turn their imagination to the fullest and pretend to be someone else, at least for a while. Comic books help develop creative skills since you imagine every scene you see on the page and develop the idea in your head.

Triumph of good

Life is full of unpleasant and unfair situations, and sometimes the only thing you can do is to hope that everything will be good in the end. Everyone wants to see that the good guys win, and comic books provide them with such a chance, showing that no matter how hard the path is, you will win if you act right.

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