Why Comic Education Is Important to College Education

Comic books are vivid books that involve images put across the piece of information, which is usually enjoyed by people of all ages as most of these books have good stories hence making them attractive. Some teachers find comics an excellent tool for education as most of the people from young to old enjoy reading comic books. As much as comics seem hard to create, they are so simple to grasp as long as you have enough time. It is an added advantage when one is a creative writer and, at the same time, skilled in drawing.

In the current generation, college students are attracted to comic books more because they read what the pictures are illustrating. Comic books education has an added advantage compared to the use of textbooks because, in comic books, the students understand the texts faster with the help of the drawings.

Importance of Comic Education in College Education

Being in a comic book class has brought so many benefits in terms of how the students connect to education. Here are five benefits of comics education for college education:

  • Eases education for part-time students

Higher education levels, such as Ph.D. and Doctorate, are the stressful ones in education. In most cases, part-time students always find themselves having a lot of schoolwork, making them not having enough time for other activities.  A lot of assignments affect employed students who are pursuing their studies.

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With comic education, a lot of pictures that connect with the texts are involved in educating the student. But not every student will understand the story the way the comic book writer wanted them to understand it. At most, this happens to the wordless comics, which makes the students come up with stories that are related to the pictures.

  • Comic education helps in shaping the students’ self-confidence.

Most college students tend to be in the adolescent stage, and they are shy reading aloud in class to other students. These students become shy, maybe because of their deep or small voices, or they stammer while reading. But in ESL picture books, there is a minimized short text and a lot of pictures, which gives the shy students motivation to read more and more.

  • Comic education promotes students writing skills

For students to explore a non-wording comic book is an encouragement to write more. Hence, such comics support the students` writing skills. Comic books education connects the optical and oral capabilities of pupils. With a comic book, the students can express their ideas concerning different topics. This form of teaching has made the students who have low esteem in both reading and writing improve their confidence in education.

Comic books also require learners to think outside the box. Their sharpness is needed here because they have to read the story and interpret it by connecting the words with the pictures.

  • They support the student’s ideas

Most students always wish to include pictures in writing to bring out their thoughts. Some of them still find it hard, transforming imaginative ideas into words. With the help of comic education, one can now express some parts of their story with drawings to make the readers understand their thinking.

How Comic Books Are Useful in College Education

An average student has a concentration span of about twenty minutes to thirty minutes (that’s what the research says). Lack of enough time makes it hard for the tutors to cover more in this limited time. The short amount of time also affects the students who are good at reading, but when it comes to writing, they find it too difficult. But with comics education, the students can absorb more because of the neatly drawn pictures, simple and short words used in the books. As the scientists say, “the mind absorbs what the eyes see,” looking at pictures when reading also helps maintain the student’s concentration, making it easier to understand the information.

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