Who’s Who in The New Golden Age

New Entries for Aquaman, The Harlequin’s Son, Salem the Witch Girl and More

The One Shot Starts The Strangest Mystery to Ever Plague the DC Universe

Who’s Who began in 1984 and ran through the 1990s, cataloging every character, good or evil, in the DC Universe, from Abby Cable to Zymyr and beyond!

In the 1980s, DC cataloged their massive roster of heroes and villains with the Who’s Who series, presenting encyclopedia entries for their iconic characters and locations. Illustrated by a wide range of top artists from the Golden Age of comics through the 1980s indie comics scene—including George Pérez, Todd McFarlane, Jim Aparo, Peter Laird, Jack Kirby, and Dick Giordano to name only a few—Who’s Who was a feast for the eyes and the ultimate guide to the denizens of the DC Universe.

In 1990, with a new decade dawning, DC debuted follow-up series Who’s Who in the DC Universe and Who’s Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes—presenting updated entries on timeless heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman, along with characters that defined the era like Lobo and Shade the Changing Man. Entries were illustrated by top comics artists including Chris Bachalo, Colleen Doran, Kevin Maguire, and Adam Hughes.

Now, with the release of The New Golden Age from writer Geoff Johns, new Who’s Who entries for characters like Cherry Bomb, Ladybug, Quiz Kid, and more, have been created with artwork by Jerry Ordway, John Kalisz, Todd Nauck, Matt Herms, Brandon Peterson and Scott Kolins. Each new entry introduces, or reintroduces, characters from DC’s library and details their personal data, story history and powers & weapons for fans.

“The DC Universe should always be expanding with new characters and stories and worlds, no matter what era you’re visiting. Whether it’s the 1940’s or the 31st Century,” said writer Geoff Johns. “The Who’s Who entries we’re including in The New Golden Age #1 are deeper looks at the origins of these new heroes and villains, and the mysteries they each hold within them. From the most prominent heroes of the Golden Age like Alan Scott, to the obscure like Red Bee, to the adventures of Justice Society Dark, we’re setting the stage for a new look at DC’s past, present and future. Hopefully people will have as much fun with it as we are.”


The New Golden Age #1, available at local comic shops today, will contain new Who’s Who entries written by Johns for:


Aquaman (first appearance: MORE FUN COMICS #73) **
The Harlequin’s Son first appearance: (INFINITY, INC. #1) **
Betsy Ross and Molly Pitcher (first appearance: MILITARY COMICS #6) *
Cherry Bomb (first appearance: POLICE COMICS #25) *
John Henry Jr. (first appearance: DC: THE NEW FRONTIER #6) *
Ladybug (first appearance: HIT COMICS #1) *
Legionnaire (first appearance: REDACTED) *
Mister Miracle (first appearance: MISTER MIRACLE #1) ^
Quiz Kid (first appearance: SENSATION COMICS #2) *


Red Lantern (first appearance: GREEN LANTERN #1) #
Salem The Witch Girl (first appearance: MORE FUN COMICS #56) *
The Boom (first appearance: FLASH COMICS #10) *

* Artwork by Todd Nauck and Matt Herms
** Artwork by Jerry Ordway and John Kalisz
# Art by Brandon Peterson
^ Artwork by Scott Kolins and John Kalisz

The New Golden Age is now available at local comic shops and the mysteries continue in Stargirl: The Lost Children #1 on Nov. 15 and Justice Society of America #1 on Nov. 29.

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