Who’s Better? Jim Valentino vs Erik Larsen

Declaring who’s “better,” Jim Valentino or Erik Larsen, is challenging as both have significantly impacted the comic book industry with distinct styles and leadership within Image Comics. Ultimately, your preference depends on what you value in creators and comic books. Here’s a breakdown to help you decide:

Jim Valentino:

  • Contributions: Co-founded Image Comics, served as CEO and publisher for multiple periods, known for establishing the creator-owned model and fostering diverse publishing.
  • Strengths: Business acumen, leadership in building Image Comics, promoting creator rights and independence, advocating for inclusivity in comics.
  • Criticisms: Some critiques highlight disagreements with other Image founders, and less artistic output due to business focus.

Erik Larsen:

  • Contributions: Co-founded Image Comics, primarily focusing on creating his series like Savage Dragon and Invincible, known for his artistic style and long-running character continuity.
  • Strengths: Prolific comic book creator, consistent artistic identity, successful long-running series with dedicated fanbases, strong characterization, and world-building.
  • Criticisms: Primarily focused on personal creations, with less emphasis on promoting other Image creators compared to Valentino’s efforts.

Deciding who’s “better” is subjective and depends on your perspective:

  • If you value industry leadership, creator rights, and diverse publishing, Jim Valentino might resonate more.
  • If you prioritize consistent artistic output, engaging long-running stories, and strong character development, Erik Larsen might be your choice.x

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