With just weeks to go until Bad Idea’s tsunami-sized first releasethe momentously monumental, 48-page ENIAC #1crashes into stores, we’re more than proud and better than pleased to announce the obvious: even more, world-class comic shops are signing on to join BAD IDEA’s Destination Store program.

“At first, I tried ghosting some, cajoling others, but then progressed to just actively encouraging as many stores as possible not to participate. Nothing’s working, they just keep coming,” BAD IDEA’s Head of Sales, Atom Freeman, said dejectedly. “They just want it too bad.”

Now that they have successfully worn Atom down, meet the unrelenting SECOND WAVE OF BAD IDEA DESTINATION STORES! Here’s what you need to know:

  • These stores will come online with the release of Bad Idea’s second launch title, TANKERS #1, on April 7, 2021
  • …BUT we will make sure that they have access to LIMITED quantities of first printing copies of our first release, ENIAC #1, direct from the Bad Idea “vault.” (It’s actually a storage unit, but it does have a big lock, so in that sense, it’s pretty vault-y.)
  • Attention cheddarheads and mothmen: The “second wave” also includes BAD IDEA’s first American stores in Wisconsin and West Virginia, so you can stop emailing us now.
  • The “Second Wave” spans four continents and speaks five languages — tres bien!
  • If you are a retailer and recently inquired about jumping on board with BAD IDEA, but don’t see yourself listed here, don’t worry — plans are already afoot for a robustly satisfying “Third Wave” that will really round out the trilogy.
  • Lastly, as always, you can pre-order from any BAD IDEA Destination Store retailer (including these new additions) by simply visiting WhereIsBadIdea.com.
So, without further ado, here they are — BAD IDEA’S SECOND WAVE OF DESTINATION STORES, y’all: