Where Were You When The World Went Dark? SOLAR FLARE: SEASON 1 Title Box is now available!

This Tuesday’s title box is…SOLAR FLARE: SEASON 1


SOLAR FLARE is a modern-day Sci-Fi survival tale. The graphic novel follows Jake Clifford and a group of survivors as they search to find Jake’s daughter after a cataclysmic solar flare wipes out all electricity and modern technology with one fatal blow. Jake and his group must adapt to this new and dangerous world as the lines quickly blur between survival, destruction, hope, and responsibility.


Where were you when the world went dark? Society begins to unravel after a solar flare strikes Earth knocking out all electricity and modern technology with one fatal blow. Jake Clifford and his group of friends begin the journey to reunite him with his daughter, Mazzy, as the world plunges into chaos.


WRITER – James Haick III
ARTIST – Branko Jovanovic

Each deluxe title box will contain a complete set of comics! There’s a mystery element in each box offering that includes rare variants and out off print covers. Some of boxes may also contain extremely rare HOLOFOIL editions that can only be found within!

Along with the set of single issues you will also get a digital download/collectible card of each series in Scout’s new COMIC TAG format! These limited edition collectibles look just like a mini comic book with a collectible card attached!


SOLAR FLARE: SEASON 1 Issues #1- #6 and the Comic Tag containing the entire digital graphic novel. LIMITED TO 200 BOXES!

$34.99 EACH


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