Where to Watch the Rocket League Season 10 World Championship

The top 16 teams are set to battle it out for the largest prize pool in the game yet of $1,000,000! These teams will consist of the top 6 in Europe and North America along with the top 2 teams in Oceania and South America.

Where can you view Rocket League Season X?

For their 10th world championship, Rocket League is going bigger than ever. As well as the championship being accessible to view on Twitch, it will also be streamed on the BBC.

Kieron from Pro MB Gaming stated that “This type of exposure is creating a fantastic platform to grow the game and esports scene”.

When and Where is the Championship going ahead?

There is yet to be a confirmed time and place for this season’s world championship finals. However, you can watch teams battle it out to earn a spot in this season’s world championship this weekend on the 16th and 17th January.

Teams to Watch

With this world championship consisting of the best 16 teams in the world, we are certain every match will offer high-quality entertainment for the viewers but who are the favorites to win the competition?

Here are four teams we believe could win this Rocket League World Championship:

·       Team Envy

Even though this is a new Rocket League team compared to the competition, you just cannot write this team off after they signed TurboPolsa. Named the best player in the game after he won 4 world championships with 4 different teams. More than any other player! Since TurboPolsa joined Envy, they are now in 1st position in North America for the qualification of this season 10 world championship.

·       NRG

Since the finals of season 9 were canceled due to the coronavirus, NRG will be going into the season 10 finals defending their title. Besides a slightly different roster, after they kicked TurboPolsa, his replacement was SquishyMuffinz, a former world champion.

·       Team BDS

It would be the ultimate fairy tale story if BDS were to win the season 10 world championship! This team won RLRS last season which is the competition below RLCS. From a football perspective, it is like winning the Championship then winning the Premier League the following season if BDS is to win this season’s championship. However, it is looking ever so more possible as the qualifiers for the finals continue. They are currently sitting in first place with a massive lead of over 500 points ahead of Vitality in Europe’s qualification group. Can they produce on the big stage?

·       Team Vitality

Despite Vitality’s recent drop in form, this is a team well known for performing well on the big stage. Their two experienced players Kaydop and Fairy Peak are renowned for reaching the final. Kapdop has won 3 world championships whilst reaching 5 world championship finals. On top of Kapdop’s achievements, Fairy Peak is a former world champion and has reached 3 world championship finals in his career.

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