Where to Study Cartoons? 6 Best Places with MFA & Certificates

Have you ever found yourself fascinated by the moving pictures in cartoons? Or wondered about the process behind it all? Whatever the reasons are, if you have a keen interest in studying animation, the skill would definitely be a card up your sleeve in the digital era.

Today, computer animation is an essential component for many growing industries like films, advertising, and design. As the technologies continue to progress, the programs dedicated to animation are also increasing in number and quality.

From community colleges to public universities, art and design schools are competing to grab the attention of those ready to invest in their artistic talent.

Below is a list of the best art schools offering commendable MFA and MA programs in design and animation.

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MFA in Experimental Animation, California Institute of Arts, California

Founded by Walt and Roy Disney, CalArts is among the most acclaimed institutes for undergraduate certifications in the sphere of art and visuals. Today, the institute offers over 70 programs, among which the MFA in Experimental Animation has gained global recognition.

There are both three-year and two-year programs providing a foundational background. They foster learners ready to experiment with poetic, lyrical, and other forms of the moving image.

Students are trained through a combination of traditional education and innovative approaches. You will have to write a grad essay or a few on the road, as well as complete comprehensive courses.

Yet, such education will help you not only become an artist. You will be ready and able to contributors to the world through the cause of animation. Some commendable courses include hybrid imaging, post-production, and drawing techniques.

MFA in Computer Arts, School of Visual Arts, New York

The School of Visual Arts was established from the beginning as a learning realm for cartoonists and illustrators. SVA offers three programs of MFA in Computer Arts; 2D Animation, Experimental Art, 3D Animation, and VFX.

All three are two-year programs focusing on creativity and a multidisciplinary approach. There, students develop animation, fine art, and motion graphics knowledge and skills.

The first-year program is focused on strengthening the students’ knowledge. The courses broaden their views on digital art. The second-year is to work on the thesis process, complete with academic research, and work on a piece of creative work.

MFA in Digital Arts and Animation, Pratt Institute, New York

The Pratt Institute School of Arts offers MFA in Digital Animation and Motion Arts in their Brooklyn campus.

The department aims at preparing and developing innovative ideas to encourage artists through immersion in diverse cultures. Students are self-directed and pursue multi-disciplinary projects at the top art facility. They are guided by a team of accomplished working artists.

The highlights of the program include digital imaging, 3D, and interactive arts with a focus on experimentation and professionalism.

There are also very interesting courses like storyboard developing, learning lighting and rendering, matter painting, and more. Students are also given opportunities to work with major New York studios to learn and prepare for a career.

MFA in Animation and Digital Arts, University of Southern California, California

The John C. Hench Division of Animation and Digital Arts provides an MFA degree, which is deemed one of the world’s best. The program takes three years to complete and is for those looking to pursue a career in the film industry. The program offers a variety of courses from design, storytelling, and business aspects.

While embracing the traditional forms of art, USC also promotes innovation, critical thinking, and comprehensive knowledge of different software. Students can engage in collaborative projects with other departments. Those include interactive game division, production and live-action, the Thornton School of Music, and the Kaufman School of Dance.

MFA in Animation, Savannah College of Art and Design, Georgia

SCAD’s MFA in Animation has become an expert program for 2D, 3D, and stop-motion animation.

From the introduction to technical details of animation development, the program has a few proven guarantees. The graduate students will be expert professionals proficient in game development. The numerous courses cover context animation, 3D impressions, character development, and basic set up.

SCAD also offers a coveted study abroad program, and a wide range of extracurricular opportunities. Many graduates from the college are currently employed with Walt Disney Animation Studios, Bento Box Entertainment, and other famous developers.

MFA in Film and Animation, Rochester Institute of Technology, New York

RIT started out as a Mechanics Institute. Yet, it quickly developed an exclusive division for arts.

RIT’s College of Imaging Arts and Sciences is also home to the School of Film and Animation. It offers MFA with four choices of 2D and 3D Animation, Production, and Screenwriting.

RIT offers a thorough and extensive study program. It covers topics of Animation Film Language, mechanics, after effects, and business careers in animation.

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Final Words

The MFA courses and the opportunities offered would differ from school to school. The schools above will benefit the most because of the locations and proximity of world-famous animation studios.

It would also be easier for a grad to start a career and expand your professional networking. Look for a school that is respected among industry professionals. Make sure the option falls within your price range and can give you hands-on experience with animation in the real world.

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