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WE ARE VERY GRATEFUL TO SAY WE ARE FULLY FUNDED AND HAVE 2 DAYS LEFT TO HELP SUPPORT US.Deliver us from Evil #1 The future of supernatural thrillers is here. Comic is complete and print ready!!


Peter Breau says this is  his love letter to Hellblazer and X-files. Two of his  most favorite genres and concepts. Peter has written many comics to date. His dream gig would be to write for Hellblazer or X-files. Until that day he has written the next best thing, Constantine Lazar. First appearing in Starbolt comics #1, then Antarctic Press Ben Dunn’s Indie Wars, coming soon to These damn Kids #2 from SSP and finally in his own solo series Deliver us from Evil. This series has everything for lover of those genres and more. He is so eager to tell you what takes place but he doesn’t want to spoil the adventure.
So Peter got together with Italian artist Mattia Doghini and magic, well bad luck magic, happened. Deliver us from Evil issue 1 is complete and print ready. Issue 2 is almost finished.
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This is from a review by Simon Moore (Blax Kleric)
Writer: Peter Breau Artist: Mattia Doghini
Repeatedly interspersed with disconcerting glimpses into the historical depravity of mankind whenever steered by the whispered word of the Devil, Peter Breau’s plot for issue one of Deliver Us From Evil is probably best perused with the lights on and a stiff drink to hand. Indeed, it’s difficult to imagine a reader experiencing a more disturbing twenty-two-page periodical as they’re brutally thrown into the chaos-filled world of the mysterious Mister Lazar and the seemingly diabolical doings of D.R.E.D.D.
Foremost of these perturbances is probably the way in which Breau pens the lead protagonist effortlessly wandering through life without so much as a single care, no matter what horrifying situation it causes him to witness. Some within this book’s audience may well think that being arrested by the Police for multiple warrants and a subsequent thirteen-year prison sentence is grim going, especially when the writer does such a splendid job in describing the savage nature of the penitentiary’s hierarchy; “The Yard. A perverse adult version of Elementary School. It’s primal… Wolves and Sheep. But butchers don’t concern themselves with the opinions of wolves or sheep.”
However, such a violent environment pales into insignificance once Lazar has been transported to Montauk via a black operation’s helicopter and given a sight-seeing tour of the enigmatic facility’s numerous underground levels. This sequence is truly haunting and is simply packed full of glimpses into exotic extra-terrestrial worlds, prehistoric subsistence, nefarious governmental cover-ups, anthropomorphized felines and age-old science fiction tropes – all of which are both unnervingly familiar and freakishly flabbergasting.
Just as discombobulating as this publication’s pleasing plot is Mattia Doghini’s engrossing artwork, which adds an incredible amount of atmosphere to the storytelling, courtesy of the artist’s heavily shadowed sketching style and the decision to boldly print the comic in just black and white. The illustrator’s double splash-page of Montauk’s interior is well worth the cost of this comic alone as it should take any perusing bibliophile an eternity to fully assimilate all the different dimensions it depicts. Whilst the sudden appearance of an amiable, talking sasquatch and ghoulish nun later in the narrative are prodigiously pencilled, with both characters being imbued with plenty of personality despite their extremely limited ‘screen-time’.
Spacie Award Finalist Peter Breau tried his hand at writing comics after winning the Fundy Fan Fest Character Creation Contest in 2017. The first comic he wrote was a story involving Lord Greystoke and got the attention of the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate and they contacted him to have a few copies for their archives in Tarzana Ca. Peter went on to write a title called Starbolt and a few titles for Lucky comics where he created the character G.R.E.E.N. GIANT. He also created a few characters for Aspyre Comics. Peter went on to co-write with Bradley Golden in Exciting comics ( Antarctic Press) and the very successful sold out  hit comic series These Damn Kids (Secondsight Publishing). He co-writes with his son Jaden and brother John many stories for the number #1 bestselling Anthology series Mississippi Zombie and Harvest Of Horrors. (Caliber). Among the comics, he has written was Indie Wars ( Antarctic Press) using Ben Dunn’s Ninja High School characters in a crossover with his creation Constantin Lazar. He has been a panelist at many Conventions and interviewed on numerous podcasts and news sites. Peter is a staff writer for FirstComicsNews. Peter is currently writing a script for  TBA CBC project with his twin brother His upcoming projects include: Deliver us from Evil with artist Mattia Doghini.  Reliticus Subterra with artist Alessio Nocerino. Sagittarius Shadow with artist John Epple. Ruthless , S.E.M.I, Sam Hain’s Gate  with artist Benito Tovar Jr.
Mattia Doghini is a comic artist and illustrator Born in 1992 and based in Italy. After graduating from the international school of comics in Rome he started collaborating for comic productions: series and antologies ranging from horror to action for both Italian and US productions. His work has gritty rought inks and expressive atmospheric shapes.
Francisco Zamora is a letterer and writer from Argentina. He’s a part of a small comic-book art studio named Nimbus Studio and works for several American independent publishers like Scout Comics, Argo Comics, Second Sight Publishing, Unparalleled Comics, Champion Comics, Atlas Studios and others.
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