When the tropes of zombie stories are exhausted, write your own.

Apr. 6, 2021, (TAOS, NM) — What happens when a Greek-born skate rat bails from the foothills of Mount Olympus and is dropped in Detroit, MI? A 100% nerd-proof zombie story.

With writing and art by Sophocles Sopounas, Not Alone is the humanly imperfect, “widescreen” graphic novel brought to life by the boredom of lake-effect snow.

Twenty years into a zombie apocalypse, with nothing more than a jacket and a handful of clues, a teen sets out to find her lost uncle. Her journey takes a drastic turn when she collides with a young man and he loses his memory. The girl, unknowingly marked with zombie-attracting totems, finds herself evading hordes of the living dead with an amnesiac sidekick in tow, only to form a lasting friendship that breaks the trope of the atypical buddy adventure.

“I was inspired by pretty much every DIY punk rock ethos of just doing​ something regardless of my skill level,” said Sophocles Sopounas. “I’m inspired by every other creator-writer-artist that was there for me in tough times, that acted as a guide when others couldn’t or wouldn’t. I would like to offer the same momentary comfort, solace, and understanding to ones that might be feeling and going through what I was. I hope readers get a sense of adventure, wanderlust, self sufficiency and a love for camping, the outdoors, and the bonds that arise between people when they rough it together. But the biggest takeaway is that we are not alone, no matter how much it can feel that way.”

The tale of Not Alone is a unique spin on navigating life and friendship in a world 20 years after its end. This dry and comedic blend of heart and soul is available from BHC Presson July 22, 2021.

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