What’s the Main Advantage of Trustly for Online Gambling?

Online gambling anywhere in the world, even in the most legally regulated jurisdictions, poses a number of potential problems on the wannabe gambler’s way to a life changing jackpot. The right choice of the payment system, for depositing and withdrawing, is one of the most important issues.

Banking is crucial for online gambling; if banking doesn’t work right the casino cannot work right because real money gambling loses all its sense. Casinos that don’t care about having the right banking options and adequate banking rules may have certain customers but they won’t have that stable operation and income. Casinos that use their banking for fraud do not live long.

On the other hand, online casinos that take an effort to provide the right payment channels and process the investments and withdrawals under fair rules will always enjoy a steady inflow of customers. Web casinos with Trustly are among those platforms that may be working towards creating the best gambling conditions for their players.

Those players who are not sure about what banking option to choose for sending money to the casino and receiving money from the casino should pay attention to Trustly as one of the most convenient Canadian payment processing companies that work in the gambling niche.

But to make a really informed choice, and understand the real perks of Trustly, the players should be aware of the main issues they are very likely to face when trying to invest or withdraw.

The Main Issues With Depositing and Withdrawing Money

Canada is one of the most online casino gambling friendly country on the global scale, but even here, the rules and laws vary depending on the province, change from time to time, old payment methods stop working and new companies arrive, and all these ever-moving landscape may be hard to grasp for a beginner-level gambler.

However, there are some typical issues that are potentially possible at any online casino and any player may face them at any time.

Alright, it must be said that making an investment in an online casino is easy and fast. Many payment methods allow this because eventually online casinos are also merchants and “sell” services. But even at this stage, some banks may suspend the transaction if they are cautious about online gambling.

Yet the main headache begins when the player tries to withdraw the money they won by playing online casino games for real money. First things first, online casinos sometimes make the process really complicated because they want to ensure that the wins are completely random and the players do not cheat, and also online casinos want to prevent any money laundering activities.

But banks and other financial institutions that process online payments apply even stricter means to prevent illegal money sending and money laundering. This is the reason why many companies do allow payments to online casinos but do not allow accepting payments from online casinos.

Banks are reluctant to allow transactions from casino sites as well; they check and double-check all payments and this takes tons of time; sometimes the transactions may be suspended or rejected.

And now we have arrived at the main question of this post – how does Trustly solve all these problems?

The Benefits of Trustly

Trustly is a unique payment service that is not an e-wallet but serves as a facilitator between the bank, online merchants, and individuals.

Trustly does not require individual customers to have accounts; instead, the customer should only make sure that the bank their use for accounts and cards works with Trustly. If this is the case, the player may choose Trustly as a payment method anytime, and pay directly from their bank account but without revealing the bank details to online merchants.

Trustly works as a second shield of security for the player and for the bank; it does not collect or keep any additional user’s data so even if its systems are breached there is little info to steal. Also, Trustly doesn’t share any sensitive user data with the merchants, and yet, the merchants know that the payer is reliable if they use Trustly.

Due to these security measures, Trustly is popular with banks and many banks collaborate with it, and the best part is that Trustly is completely online casino friendly.

The bottom line is that with Trustly, gamblers are able to deposit and withdraw to and from online casinos using their bank accounts but without facing the typical bank limitations!

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