What’s Happenin’ In the Studio: Tarot 127 & TPB updates!

In the Studio Updates!

Happy April Everybody!

We are bizy bees here in the Studio! Tarot #127 is at the Printers and Jim is at the drawing board creating [Tarot#128] Look Below for the PreOrder Bundles (https://www.jimbalentstudios.com/tarot-special-bundle.html) which is part to the adventure in #127!
You can still order the Tarot#127 Early bird this week Just CLICK HERE

All of the Stretch Goal Goodies are in-house for the Krampus Kickstarter and I’m doing the last bit of pre-production work in InDesign before we send all the new updated files to the printer for that May book!

Today some Original artwork will be shipped out and this week Online orders that are in stock will be starting their adventure to their homes!

I’m also painting away for my upcoming Kickstarter project!! You can see all my work in progress on my Facebook or IG accounts & my Holly’s Heart website too…..and I’ll leave a peek down below as well…
Now to pack up some orders for shipping! I’ll be back on Friday with new goodies!
Best Witches

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Tarot#128 PreOrder Specials!

“Love’s Messenger” a part of my “To the Heart of Bliss” Divination artbook and deck!


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