During the last few decades, online gambling has become a preferred way for entertainment for millions of people. And among all available opportunities the gaming platforms offer, the live casino attracts most of the players. It is a chance for you to play your favorite games from the comfort of your home but also with a real person in front of you. Furthermore, you will enjoy amazing graphics and features that were implemented to make you feel more comfortable. And last but not least, you will get a juicy bonus if you decide to play for real money.

The Essence of Live Casino

While online casinos have been gaining popularity, players started to complain from one common issue – the gameplay becomes boring after some time. No matter how good the design is, you will lose your edge in a while. Moreover, the human touch is missing and gamblers feel like they are the only ones in the room. And if there are people for whom that is better, for most of the rest is simply not good enough!

The live casino option removes that disadvantage. Through a live stream connection, real dealers are added to the game. You can communicate almost freely with them, ask for information, and even try to read their body language in order to find a hint for your next move.

On the other hand, the live dealer can control the game and bring additional value to gaming companies. For example, they can promote other products, make cross-sells, and advertise affiliate branches. Often several screens have been set behind the croupier. So, information about rules, available odds, match scores, etc. are visible for users on the other side. Pretty useful, right?

Live Casino Games

All of the most popular 1xbet casino games are available in the live sections. In addition, there are different variations suitable for every taste. Betting limits can start from a few cents and reach several thousand USD. You can choose either to play alone on a VIP table or with other players in Party rooms.

In the light of that, live blackjack is for sure the most popular casino game. It was the first-ever launched online and there is a good reason for that. You can easily learn the rules and there are lots of different decisions to take during each hand. Furthermore, you can include a strategy to increase the odds in your favor. Of course, there is not a 100% working scheme but still, if you spend some time researching will be able to boost your winnings.

Another great table game to enjoy is live roulette. Similarly, it is easy and fascinating, and in addition, can be combined with interesting strategies. For example, many experienced players advise to make outside bets and avoid the American wheel with the “00” sector. But there are much more there if you are passionate to learn.

At the same time, live casino platforms can offer a lot more than just tables to play live dealer roulette, blackjack, poker, and even try live online bingo. As we already mentioned above, you can enjoy various smart variants. One of them is the speed variation. You will be able to play up to 50 additional rounds per hour. So if you are testing a specific approach the speed can help you. Other playing rooms that are worth visiting are the infinity blackjack, mini live baccarat, immersive roulette, and many others.

Live Casino Bonuses

The best live online casinos reward both their new and loyal customers by providing different promotions, incentives, and welcome packages. Actually, if you register and make a deposit you will most probably receive a bonus that doubles your initial amount up to a certain number. For example, 888 Casino is now offering 88 GBP with no strings attached just for making an account. In addition, if you fund it with at least 20 GBP will get a 100% bonus up to 100 GBP and several free spins.

Furthermore, all loyal players can take advantage of daily promotions, VIP status and Membership discounts. You will even be eligible and participate in various jackpot drawings.

Supplementary Services

But the live casino bonus is not the only thing you have to look for while choosing a website to play. It is very important to check the company’s online reputation. Also, if there is a reliable customer service center available and what types of payment methods are acceptable.

Likewise, you need to be sure that the chosen live dealer casino is properly licensed and regulated, and that the platform is well protected. All that could be vital for your personal data and future success.


Live casino operators truly provide an amazing experience for everyone loving to gamble. There are many opportunities out there but no matter how well they are advertised you have to be careful. Odds are always against players so you need to be smart and play wisely.

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