What to expect from Rocket League’s new Free-to-Play version?

Over the years, Rocket League has enjoyed increased success, due in no small part to Sony offering it free during the first month to PS Plus subscribers. Rocket League has now become a full-fledged free-to-play game this fall, capitalizing on its early success, adding more improvements to the soccer game for vehicles. Here are the main things you need to know before making the move.

On September 23, the free-to-play update was released on all platforms. Rocket League also launched on September 23 at the Epic Games Store and players received a $10 coupon that is valid as long as its used before October 23 to purchase it there, which can be redeemed to purchase games or add-ons above $15. The Sun Ray Boost and Hot Rocks Trail are awarded to players who download from the Epic Game Store.

During its launch weekend, the in-game Llama-Rama event was hosted to generate more interest where players could win prizes in both Rocket League and Fortnite.

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Cross-Progression is finally here!

The updated Rocket League has added one of fans’ most requested features to the game: Cross-platform progression. Players can set up the primary platform by connecting an Epic Games account to the game. Any other linked platforms will carry over all progress, experience points, and rank from that platform.

Tokens and credits, including Mario-themed items, will not carry over between accounts, nor will premium DLC packs or console-exclusive items. It is impossible to exchange any purchased goods between personal accounts, which developer Psyonix claims is in order to curb fraud. To exchange items with one another, new players would need to have purchased 500 credits. If you are looking to save some money, its better to buy your Rocket League credits from a trusted marketplace like Eldorado.gg.

At any time, players can change which system is their primary platform, but it is not possible to connect the unlinked platform to another Epic Games account.

Not only is Rocket League free, but to play it, fans will not need to buy additional online services. Like how games like Fortnite work on console platforms, the game will no longer need a PS Plus or Nintendo Online subscription. If they have an internet connection, anybody who downloads it will be able to go online and start playing for free on any site.

New Challenge structure

The free-to-play transition didn’t only alter the price of the game. Psyonix is introducing lots of upgrades to the Rocket League, including a thorough redesign of its challenge scheme.

With three new difficulties introduced each week, all players will have access to weekly and seasonal challenges. With multiple progression steps throughout a season, seasonal challenges are longer and premium pass owners will get double the amount of both challenges.

In addition to those, before its free-to-play launch, players will receive driver challenges that reward items that were included in the base game. Only after completing these or by reaching level 20 are weekly difficulties unlocked.

Challenges, replacing the existing experience points-based system, will become the main means of winning rewards. A new challenge menu will be given to the game where they can track progress and say drops.

Changes to Competitive Tournaments

The Competitive Tournament, a ranked mode where 32 teams of three compete in a single-elimination format, is the biggest new feature coming to the Rocket League. There will be different tournaments scheduled every day for each country.

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Winners earn a title indicating the rank of the tournament they have won, while a more colorful one is granted to those winning three tournaments of a similar rank.

A new currency called Tournament Credits will be earned by players to make it through any first round or beyond. The higher the rank of the tournament, the better the reward for credit would be. For doing three placements per week, players can earn more incentives. Credits are used to unlock cups containing increasingly rare customization elements. In return for a tournament item with a higher rarity, products may be exchanged.

In order to prevent individuals from leaving mid-tournament, Psyonix has stringent limitations. Doing so would lead, on top of a 15-minute matchmaking timeout, to a three-hour tournament ban. A 24-hour and then seven-day tournament ban will be issued to repeat offenders. Dropouts still will not receive any prizes.

Tournament matches are not going to have endless overtime and will cap out at 11 minutes with a coin toss determining the winner of the round.


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