The online gambling industry has many highly exciting elements about it and it is easy to understand why. Without a doubt, the most obvious is the winning part of it, which can come in all forms, with many ways to do this, due to there being thousands of slots and games that you can indulge in. If you are from South Africa, USA, or New Zealand it does not matter, comics are popular just like gambling.

However, one element that perhaps slips under the radar of the increasingly growing gambling industry, is the amount of entertaining literature that is available in the form of comics, with not many people knowing a lot about these. Most gambling fans often like to watch movies that are based around gambling, though there are some classic comics that you can find.

If you are a big fan of gambling, these are well worth checking out, so let’s take a look at some of the most popular within the ever-expanding, gambling-related, comic-reading community.

Two Face

A comic that first came to the market in 1942, this focuses on a gambling ring that gains access to a group of famous people by utilizing a particularly unique and highly valuable coin. It is made even more exciting by the main protagonist being a superhero that hooks you straight into the pages, which the talented author Harvey Dent really brings to life.

Betting Man

Another highly engaging comic series especially for gambling fans, it is certainly clear why this has become so popular over the years, with those who are intimately involved in this particular market.

Packed with humor and hilarious tales, the theme of the comic is based around the ‘Betting Man’ being able to see his opponent’s cards in every game that he takes part in, which means he obviously wins all of the time. There are many laughable anecdotes involved in this comic that really helps to engage fans of gambling and it certainly is worth checking out, especially if you are intrigued and want a light but fun read about the industry.

Although this comic series has ended, these are still regarded as timeless classics that are really easy to read and engage with.

The Joker

While this is a character more associated with and perhaps most well-known as being affiliated with Batman, this is also a comic series. It is cleverly based on the main protagonist’s ability to generate a negative feeling for gamblers that he is up against so that they lose confidence in their ability to win. Understandably, the ‘Joker’ card is one of the biggest traits of this comic and it certainly has its uses. Packed with many funny and entertaining stories throughout, fans of gambling will find that this is definitely worth a read.

Gambling Fish

Another excellent choice of comic if you are into gambling, Gambling Fish has stood the test of time and still has a lot of fans even today. It is based around the adventures and escapades of the main character Tom Shirasagi who is a talented, yet humble gambler and Chinese honors student who uses his skill with considerable accuracy.

He uses a range of tricks throughout the stories to gain a significant advantage over his opponents that he faces during his gambling journey, both psychological and physical, which help to give him a substantial edge.

A fun comic series to read, this can adequately perhaps be compared to a number of real-life, famous poker players that have experienced substantial success throughout their lives.


A comic series that is based around a fictional Japanese gambler called Yumeko, all of the gambling activities take place at the prestigious school – Hyakku Academy, where the central character is particularly well-skilled in gambling. His main talent lies in the game of mahjong in which he is somewhat of a master and easily demonstrates this throughout the comic series.

He adopts many different mental and psychological traits to be successful in his games and this is well-depicted in the comics, making for a fun and engaging read – especially if you are both a fan of comics and gambling!

One Outs

More centered around the nature of sports gambling, One Out is a classic comic that has a significant fanbase. The main character in this series is from Japan – Hiromichi Kojima, a talented baseball batter who honed his talents with astonishing skill before making his way to Okinawa.

Once on the southern Japanese island, he enters into an agreement whereby he wins five million yen for every successful baseball pitch and loses 50 million yen, each time he is unsuccessful.

This comic series can make for an entertaining read if you are a fan of baseball and gambling, while it is also very nicely illustrated.

Should you try gambling comics?

If you are a fan of comics and gambling, then some of these popular titles may well appeal to you and it could be worth giving them a read. They may prove to be an entertaining pastime while also educating you in an engaging manner.

Although gambling comics have become a thing of the past, there are still many that are doing the rounds, so they should be easy to track down if you are keen to try reading them!

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